Prince Charles did not forgive Prince Harry very much

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Harry herceg his return home seems a little not enough to restore peace in the royal family.

According to an insider Prince Charles not that he hasn’t forgiven his son and Meghan Markle yet for the Oprah interview, but he’s still boiling with rage. “Prince Charles is still incredibly angry at Harry for putting him and the royal family in an awkward position during his great interview and refusing to let go of the subject.” The source explained.

Harry returned to England last month after an absence of more than a year for the funeral of Prince Philippines. And while it seemed that at least he and Prince William had at least a little better relationship (but that doesn’t mean complete reconciliation), according to Page Six, Harry and Charles said almost nothing to each other.

Several sources have stated that this is why father and son did not solve their problems at all. Moreover, Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah directly convinced Charles that “His son does not at all deserve the privilege of being a member of the royal family”. Oh oh, that sounds worse and worse!

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