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Prince Charles is a good man and will be a great king, say Richard and Judy

It is a milestone for a man who has been waiting all his adult life to fulfill his fate as a king. Maybe he (as we all hope) will have to wait many more years to reach the throne given his family's extraordinary longevity. The queen is now 92 and the queen mother was 101 when she died.

That must be so strange for Charles. To reach the position he has been training for his life, he has to wait for his mother's death. What a funny dilemma. It is almost medieval. In modern life, it is better than ever.

This week he clarified that he was not "a meddling king … I'm not that stupid". His lifelong, sometimes controversial campaign will come to an end.

What kind of king will he be? Books and articles have already grown over Charles and his future. There will be more next week. I hope you are positive. Because that's what I want to write today. a heartfelt appreciation of a misunderstood man.

I always liked Charles. Well, when he and I were teenagers, I have to admit that my self-obsessed Sixties Rock obsessed with the Beatles thought Chas was a bit weird. Always so formal, with short brylcreem hair, while my friends had hair up to their shoulders. They wore jeans and cheesecloths. Charles wore three-piece suits, his teeth were a bit dumb and those ears! How rude are young people who are not as cool and trendy as their peers.

But I warmed myself enormously to Charles. I even think that he is attractive now, with that wonderful happy smile and sparkling eyes.

Of course everything is due to Camilla. She transformed him. That awkward, unfortunate man we saw when he was married to Diana has disappeared.

Love has made him as rich and thriving as his beloved garden in Highgrove.

Charles is serious and thoughtful – but he has to be.

He is also very compassionate. His work helping disadvantaged teens with the Prince's Trust is quite extraordinary. I saw that as a reporter on Granada Television. Anyone who has worked with Charles can only say good things about our future King.

He is also funny. Our daughter was fortunate to be invited to Harry and Meghan's wedding. She told me with some surprise since she thought him an old, stupid thing, that his speech at the lunchtime reception was "weird."

Here I am, pin my colors to the mast. No cattiness about Charles. No more to say that he is not fit to be king because of a failed first marriage. He will make an excellent king. And Camilla should and will be his queen. It is exactly what he and we need.

If necessary, I'll start a petition: "Charles and Camilla forever!" Happy Birthday, sir.

Was this nasty stunt a hate crime?

R – Did your chin hit the carpet when you saw the Grenfell image burned on a garden fire? The replica of cardboard, complete with paper cuts of the victims staring out of the windows or jumping out of them, was accompanied by harsh comment from the audience, mocking, "Help me, help me, aarrghh, hahaha !!!" The well of human insensibility is bottomless; it was repellent behavior.

Was it a crime? The police do not seem to be too sure. At the time of writing, there were arrests (the culprits gave themselves up after the viral video in the news bulletins), but no charges.

The incident was clearly racist – the human cartoons were made from brown paper – but was privately owned. So, is it different from someone screaming racist abuse on his TV screen? Some commentators have concluded that no crime was committed and the arrests were a waste of valuable police time. Hmm. I'm not sure. I would like to offer you an analogy.

When I keep a private journal listing a series of totally false and very serious allegations against someone, that's one thing between me and my diary. However, when I publish it in print or online, it becomes a slander and can be tracked. And in the worst case, it can even lead to a criminal slander.

Yes, these ignorant, morally bankrupt South Londoners, who cursed themselves for one of the most terrible British tragedies of the 21st century, did so privately. As such, they simply soaked in their own order. But then one of them (we do not know which one) has posted the video about the rebellious corruption by putting it online. And that changes the situation. A private event suddenly turns into a public crime of hatred and hatred.

Should the Grenfell Five (or is it six now? I lose the count) be prosecuted? I dont know. But we can all agree on what a disgusting fate they are, whether they have committed a crime or not.


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