Prince Charles will take Meghan Markle to the altar

Prince Charles will take Meghan Markle to the altar

Prince Charles, heir to the British crown and father of Prince Harry, will take Meghan Markle to the altar at the wedding with her youngest son, Kensington Palace reported Friday. The Prince of Wales will act as sponsor after the absence of the father of the bride, Thomas Markle, after being recently submitted to a heart operation. According to Kensington Palace, Prince Harry’s official residence, the 36-year-old American prostitute asked his future father-in-law to take her to the altar. “Meghan Markle has asked her Royal Highness the Prince of Wales to accompany her down the aisle of St. George’s Chapel on their wedding day.” The Prince of Wales is pleased to be able to receive Miss Markle in the family in this way. real, “reads the palace statement. The last time the heir to the crown was godfather was two years ago at the wedding Alexandra Knatchbull, daughter of one of her best friends, Lord Brabourne, remember the media. It had been conjectured that Markle would enter the religious temple accompanied by his mother, Doria Loyce Ragland, after it was confirmed on Thursday that the father of the bride would not go to Windsor. Through Kensington Palace, Markle reported yesterday in a note that, “with sadness”, his father could not attend the link, since he needed “space” to concentrate on his health. The progenitor of the scan is recovered in Mexico, according to the media, after undergoing surgery to implant three stents (metal devices) in the arteries. Earlier in the week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had asked for “understanding” and “respect” for Thomas Markle at the conjecture that he would not travel to London. Apparently, he had health problems due to the stress caused by the media attention and after it was published that he had agreed to some photos with a “paparazzi”, in which he was seen trying on clothes for the wedding and also while looking at images of his daughter with the prince. The media indicates that Meghan Markle’s mother will meet Queen Elizabeth II today, after meeting yesterday with the parents of Prince Harry, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

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