Prince George cheers on England

Royals rarely let their emotions run free. But in soccer, the feelings of the blue bloods also run away. ADELSWELT shows the most beautiful royal football moments of the EM 2021.

Prince George cheers for England in the city

Prince George makes his debut at this year’s European Football Championship. The little royal accompanied his parents Prince William and Duchess Kate to Wembley Stadium on Tuesday (June 29). The Royals watch the England versus Germany game. The seven-year-old has made himself extra chic for the occasion. Prince George is very formal in a suit and tie. Just like his dad, the heir to the throne is a huge football fan.

Prince William, Prince George and Duchess Kate sing the national anthem. ©
picture alliance / dpa | Christian Charisins

Prince William watches football without a family

He is arguably the biggest football fan among the royals: Prince William. The heir to the throne is an avowed fan of the Aston Villa and president of the English FA (Football Association). His passion also led Prince William to Wembley Stadium on Tuesday evening (June 22nd). There he watched the European Championship game between the Czech Republic and England. Duchess Kate and the children stayed at home. Prince George would certainly have been interested. Prince William’s son is also a football fan.

Royals soccer
Prince William supports the English team from the stands. © picture alliance / empics | Nick Potts

Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian bring luck

The Danish royals do not miss any game of their team. On Monday (June 21), Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian watched the game between Denmark and Russia. Their presence brought luck: Denmark won 4-1 and made it into the European Championship round of 16.

Prince Christian and Crown Prince Frederik
Prince Christian and Crown Prince Frederik watch the game in the Parken Stadium. © picture alliance / Ritzau Scanpix | Mads Claus Rasmussen

Danish princes are irrelevant

The Danish royals also cheer when the ball rolls. The royal family published this cheerful snapshot on Thursday (June 17th). The photo shows Crown Prince Frederik with a fan scarf. Also in football fever: His son Prince Christian and his nephews Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai. The four watched the match between Denmark and Belgium at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen.

Danish royals
Of course, Prince Christian, Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai cheer for Denmark. © detdanskekongehus

Also in the stadium: King Philippe. The Belgian royal had traveled to Copenhagen to keep his fingers crossed for his national team. In the stands he greeted Crown Prince Frederik. In the end, the Belgians had the edge and won 2-1 against Denmark.

King Philippe and Crown Prince Frederik
King Philippe and Crown Prince Frederik wished each other good luck before the game. © picture alliance / Ritzau Scanpix | Liselotte Sabroe

King Willem-Alexander sees orange

Orange as far as the eye can see! The Netherlands are also in football fever. On Thursday (June 17th) King Willem-Alexander visited a street that was recognized for its special team spirit. The Marktweg is now officially the “most beautiful Oranjestraat in the Netherlands”.

Royals EM
The market path was decorated in the national color orange to support the Dutch team. © picture alliance / ROBIN UTRECHT | ROBIN UTRECHT

King Felipe cheers on Spain

It’s probably one of the nicer parts of the job. On Monday (June 14th) King Felipe watched the game between Sweden and Spain from the stands. “I’m sure you will make it,” he said aloud to “Hola” beforehand. In the end, the fingers crossed was of little use. The soccer game ended 0-0.

King Felipe watched the match between Sweden and Spain from the VIP box in the Seville stadium. © picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS | Jose Manuel Vidal

Dutch royals are cheering

The cheering was worth it. On Sunday (June 13th) King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima watched the Netherlands versus Ukraine match. In the end, the Oranjes won 3-2.

Royals in football fever: European Championship 2021
Willem-Alexander and Maxima cheer from the stadium in Amsterdam. © picture alliance / ANP | MAURICE VAN STEEN

Moment of shock for Crown Princess Mary

The scenes were terrifying. On Saturday (June 12th) the soccer player Christian Eriksen collapsed on the soccer field during the European Championship match between Denmark and Finland. The 29-year-old Dane had suffered cardiac arrest. A dramatic struggle for life and death began. Everyone present caught their breath. Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik were also there live in the Stadtion. Pictures show how the 49-year-old is completely dissolved. She puts her hands over her face in shock and seems to be close to tears.

Crown Princess Mary
Crown Prince Frederik checks the latest news on his cell phone, while Crown Princess Mary is very worried about the soccer player. © picture alliance / Ritzau Scanpix | Liselotte Sabroe