Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Marital Conflicts: The Battle over Turning Off the Lights

Wednesday May 31, 2023

prince harry y Meghan Markle they are in the midst of major marital conflicts that could put an end to their relationship. According to the international press, the couple faces terrible problems that are very difficult to solve. That is why, in recent weeks, some of the coexistence disputes that are generated behind the doors of his mansion in Montecito, California have been revealed.

Apparently, Meghan Markle she is tired of an unusual attitude that her husband has, prince harry, and that according to reports he learned it from King Carlos III. It is about his constant obsession with turning off the lights in his home despite the fact that, sometimes, they are left in absolute darkness. Undoubtedly, this habit has to do with the commitment of the greatest English monarch to protect the environment, something that he always tried to instill in his two children.

But despite the good intentions of Harry for caring for the planet’s resources, Meghan Markle she is completely overwhelmed by this situation because she understands that, when it is already night, it is necessary to keep the lights on. Faced with this problem, the Duke of Sussex maintains that it is not necessary to use six lights to illuminate his home, with just one enough and plenty. reports you critics

In addition to this disagreement between the Dukes of Sussex, the other problem for Meghan is that Harry’s attitude reminds her a lot of King Carlos III, with whom she currently has a terrible relationship. That is why she, although she is aware that her husband’s arguments are valid, she does not want to acknowledge him and argues with him every time he turns off the lights in her mansion.

Since this conflict between prince harry y Meghan Markle, many have sided with the English monarch, because he maintains a very consistent position. However, there are also those who have pointed out that it is truly annoying to live with a person who every hour turns off the lights in his house, as the Duke of Sussex does.

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