Their efforts, however, were criticized tonight by Peter FitzSimons, chairman of the Australian Movement.

Almost six months after their fairytale wedding at Windsor Castle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex embarked on their first official Royal Tour.

ITV's Royal Editor Chris Ship followed Harry and Meghan on their 16-day voyage through the South Pacific, visiting the sights of Australia, Fiji, Tongas, and New Zealand.

With the Invictus Games in Sydney, the program got an in-depth look into the topics of the tour, which are very important to future parents.

As the royal couple walked along a beach to meet with the well-wishers, Peter spoke to Chris, just a few yards from Meghan and Harry, to demand that the queen end her life as Australian head of state.

Chris said, "Following a referendum in 1999, the Australian public agreed that the Queen should remain its head of state.

"Since then, the republican movement has gained confidence under the charismatic leadership of Peter FitzSimons.

"But will the visit of the young royals dampen the enthusiasm for the desired change?"

With a huge crowd behind him, Chris pointed to their support in Australia.

He said, "Look, I do not want to be cruel … but the game is over, right?"

Undeterred, Peter replied, "No. How many people do you have there? One two three four five?"

Chris noticed that the crowds had come for a visit at 8am and were clearly dedicated.

Peter said, "Look, you have a few thousand there, but as you can see, the people here are rock stars.

"Twenty-five percent of Australians are monarchists and today there are quite a few of them here. They are big international celebrities. "

Chris then asked, "Tell me that. Will there be another referendum?

"The last time you had one, you lost it in 1999. Will we get another one?"

Peter replied: "Of course we will get one more."

Chris continued, "And what will replace you and your family when you decide what could happen?"

Peter grabbed the host and remarked, "Hmm, who could we be head of state in Australia? I will go with an Australian!

"Why did not I think of this? That's great. Why are not we like other countries and have a head of state from our own country? I think we could do it. "

Harry & Meghan: The first tour is now on the ITV Hub.


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