Prince Harry travels to England again to commemorate …

Prince Harry is attending his mother’s grand memorial on July 1 in London. He will also give a speech there, but separately from his brother, Prince William.

Harry and William will be shoulder to shoulder when, on Princess Diana’s 60th birthday, a real memorial to her is finally unveiled. The design was approved by both brothers some time ago and will be unveiled in their presence. It is not clear whether they will do this together. In any case, they do their speeches separately. There will also be no joint statement.

Yet Buckingham Palace is relieved. At first it looked like Harry would use his wife Meghan’s pregnancy to avoid coming to London. Moreover, the cold attitude of his family when saying goodbye to Prince Philip would have hit him hard.

Although the reconciliation between the two brothers seemed to have begun, there was still a long way to go. It is feared by the palace staff that the body language will speak volumes on July 1 when they commemorate their mother separately.