Prince Harry’s anniversary to mark his return to royalty

Prince Harry has once again surprised everyone in the middle of the arrival of his anniversary, and it is that the recently revealed would leave more than one speechless after it was revealed that the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II prepares his return to royalty.

“I plan to return” are Prince Harry’s words that have recently gained more force amid the news of his thirty-sixth birthday.

The youngest son of the remembered Princess Diana and Charles of Wales, Harry, today celebrates his 36th anniversary of having come into the world, on September 15, 1984, in the middle of a great event that involved the birth of the second son of the future King of England.

Without imagining at that time the revolution that the royal could generate in royalty several years later, now the Prince harry, away from everything related to palaces and royal work since last March when he moved to California to rebuild a life completely different from what he was used to and at the hand of his wife, Meghan Markle.

However, after some controversies after his resignation from his roles within the British monarchy, the Prince would now seek an opportunity to reconcile with his family, thanks to the existence of an agreed agreement as detailed by Minuto

The former royal member recently announced a piece of news that will make everyone ice cold. “I plan on coming back,” he noted,

These words were immediately found in the middle of different interpretations, but perhaps the one that many would question would be that Prince Harry would seek to belong to royalty again?

Apparently, an old agreement could return him to the British Empire where he must settle some unfinished business with the Queen Isabel.

The reason that would make the youngest son of Charles of Wales return to his land in July 2021, will be a tribute that he organized with William for the 60th anniversary of his late mother, Lady Diana Spencer.

Also, the newspaper “Express” reported that he would have bought a residence to settle with Meghan and the child Archie during the days of the event.

With this, it would be more than clear that William’s brother has not taken into account the idea of ​​spending the season at Buckingham Palace.

However, at least some foresee a reunion between the Duke of Sussez and the rest of the Royal Family after his departure in March and after several months of health crisis.

Similarly, another of the commitments awaiting the queen’s grandson is the Invictus Games tournament, a celebration organized by Rugby League, one of the royal’s favorite sports, which he practiced while he was a royal member.

Apparently, the latter transpired after a conference that the Duke of Sussex held with players and coaches of the organization where through a message he confirmed his participation

We have a whole Rugby League World Cup next year so I definitely plan on coming back.

He Prince harry Born Henry Charles Albert David, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, on September 15, 1984 at 4:20 p.m., upon arrival he became the second son of Charles, Prince of Wales and from princess diana

After his birth, he held third place in the line of succession to the British throne, a position that changed to sixth place after the arrival of his nephews, Jorge, Carlota and Luis de Cambridge

Today, a special date for the Prince that did not go unnoticed by royalty who dedicated a congratulation to the 36-year-old

Wishing the Duke of Sussex a very Happy Birthday! . The Queen and the Duke during the reception of the young leaders of the Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2017. It is read in the message that accompanied the image in the publication.


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