Prince Louis grapples with the death of ‘Gan-Gan’ Queen Elizabeth

Charles, Elizabeth, Louis and Kate on June 2, 2022, during the Queen’s 70th anniversary celebrations. — ©  REUTERS

Kate Middelton has revealed how her children are coping with the death of Queen Elizabeth, whom they affectionately refer to as “Gan-Gan.” Little by little, George begins to realize how important his great-grandmother was, his younger brother Louis struggles with what her death actually means.

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Monday 19 September 2022 at 14:41

Speaking to Australian Governor-General David Hurley at Sunday night’s reception for Commonwealth dignitaries, Crown Prince William’s wife spoke about her family situation. Especially her youngest son Louis is having a hard time with the death. He is said to have asked a lot of questions in recent days in order to understand the death of his great-grandmother.

“The youngest is now wondering things like, ‘Do you think we can still play games if we go to Balmoral’, and things like that, because she’s gone now,” Hurley recalled the conversation. George seems to have realized what is going on and how important his beloved ‘Gan-Gan’ is.

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Both George, second in line to the throne since Queen Elizabeth’s death, and his two-year younger sister Charlotte attend their great-grandmother’s state funeral. The two walked close to their parents William and Catherine and just behind Grandpa King Charles as they entered the church. Princess Charlotte is wearing a black cloak with a velor collar and a matching black hat. George arrived in a dark tailored suit. Louis, George and Charlotte’s brother, stays at home.

“A lot of thought has gone into whether the children should be here,” a source told Daily Mail. “Louis is of course still too young, but George and Charlotte already proved that they can handle it at the memorial ceremony for their great-grandfather in March.”