Prince Nicholas returns with an unexpected request about his alleged child

Prince Nicolae takes the first step in connection with the alleged child he would have with Nicoleta Cîrjan.

Nicholas De Roumanie Medforth-Mills said in a statement posted on his Facebook page that he had asked Nicoleta Cîrjan, the mother of the alleged daughter, to go to the “Mina Minovici” Institute of Forensic Medicine to take a paternity test. , the child’s mother did not comply with the request, nor was any civil process for establishing paternity initiated.

For this reason, Prince Nicolae made, on September 3 this year, a last request for the establishment of paternity. He says that if the DNA test shows that he is the child’s father, he will assume all the legal obligations.

Nicoleta Cîrjan gave birth in January 2016 to a little girl, named Iris Anna, whose father says he is Prince Nicolae. However, the Royal House never recognized the child.

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