Prince William does not want his brother at the coronation of King Carlos III

After the premiere of the documentary on Netflix and the launch of the book Spare Prince Harry, Prince William hopes that his younger brother will not attend the coronation of their father, King Charles III.

The act will take place on May 6, 2023 and, despite all the criticism that the Dukes of Sussex made against the British monarchy, the current monarch considered it counterproductive not to invite them to the event.

For this reason, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were invited to the official succession ceremony, but a close friend of Prince William revealed that he was not at all happy about it, and that he hoped they would not show up, indicated

The relationship between Lady Di’s children soured when Prince Harry and his wife decided to step down from their royal duties and move to the United States.

But when the brother of the Prince of Wales launched his book, it could be said that their relationship ended, as a source from the Daily Beast newspaper let it be known:

“The relationship between Harry and William is now non-existent. They haven’t spoken since the book came out and William has no intention of answering the phone anytime soon.”

“If it was William’s coronation, Harry wouldn’t be on the list. It’s no secret that I personally wish Harry wasn’t there after everything he’s said and done,” the source revealed.

Prince Harry has been highly critical of the position of his brother and his wife, Kate Middleton, because as they are next in line, Buckingham Palace is always protecting them so that Prince William’s image is not harmed. .

In his book, Prince Harry gave the example of the time he dressed up as a Nazi and everyone criticized him, but he assures that both William and Kate had approved of his costume.