Prince William mourns his lost connection with his brother

It has been argued that the closeness that Prince William once reconciled with his younger brother, Prince Harry, can never be regained. The relationship between the two brothers has now reached its lowest point and there is no way to go back, we just have to move on.

Experts point out that the Duke of Cambridge is “mourning” the breakdown of his relationship with his brother. OK magazine The British edition says that Prince William is sad that he has lost the only person other than Kate Middleton who had the same thoughts about their royal life.

“He truly loves Harry and feels that he has lost the only person other than the wife who understood this strange life,” said an unnamed source, adding: “But he thinks there are things that can’t be done.” And Harry has broken that limit 100% of everyone. ”

Prince William has previously reported that his brother “treated” Elizabeth II and his royal family unworthily. Another man close to the prince, on the other hand, claimed that the Duke of Sussex’s relationship with his brother was at its “lowest point.”

Prince William is “deeply disappointed” by his disagreement with his brother. He feels “disappointed” but has learned to “move on”.

The royal family recently gathered to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum anniversary. The Dukes of Sussex also traveled from the United States to Britain, but attended only one public event – Thanksgiving services at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. They were not visible in public conversations with senior members of the royal family, including Prince William and Duchess Catherine or Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.

It has been speculated that the castle staff made sure that the Dukes of Sussex were not seen in public by the Dukes of Cambridge. This is done to prevent any possibility of drama, as well as to avoid the public interest in seeing the brothers talk to each other. These days, all the attention had to be focused on the queen, and the royal staff had done everything possible to ensure that nothing and no one overshadowed the partygoer.

The last time the brothers were seen in public was in July 2021, when a sculpture dedicated to Princess Diana was unveiled in the garden of Kensington Palace. William and Harry were also seen talking at Prince Philip’s funeral last April.

In an interview in 2019, Prince Harry admitted that he and his brother had taken different paths. Contrary to popular belief, the royal biographer Tina Brown claims that Megan Mark is not to blame for the brothers’ disagreement. The author points out that the alienation of the two began in 2015, when Harry left the military. He met Megan Mark on a blind date in 2017.

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