Princess Alexia turns 16: what do we actually know about her?

It’s time for another circle birthday at Huis ten Bosch Palace, because Princess Alexia is blowing out 16 candles today. What do we know about the middle daughter of King Willem-Alexander (54) and Queen Máxima (50)?

“Of course I have the freedom to choose what I want to be when I grow up”

We only see Princess Alexia appear in the spotlight a few times a year, but over the years we have been able to get a good picture of the princess. This is partly due to the fire of questions during King’s Day this year and the personal interview that mama Máxima recently gave.

“Alexia is really a treasure and a wonderful daughter,” said our queen in the interview with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk in honor of her fiftieth birthday. With this she gave us a small glimpse into the family life of the Oranges. What goes on behind the palace walls is only guesswork for us, but the Oranges occasionally give a peek behind the scenes.

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Princess Alexia told during King’s Day, for example, that there were sometimes quarrels between her and her sisters at home. “We used to always play Minecraft. It always caused a lot of fights.”

And Máxima has also once opened up about tensions between the girls, because whether you live in a palace or in a small apartment: every house has its cross. “It doesn’t matter how big the house is, we are always on top of each other,” Máxima said last year during the annual summer photo session about life in lockdown. “We have three teenagers, which is not always easy. We differ on how things should be done, but it also brought a lot of understanding and respect for each other. Even if there were some frictions now and then, we really took the time names to talk about that. So it was a very special time, it has brought us closer together. We understand each other more.”

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Our queen also told us later during the King’s Games that the lockdown has brought beautiful things. “It was an issue that they (the princesses, ed.) couldn’t play hockey. But we tackled that together as a family. Thank God we had digital resources. We had apps with which we did small workouts.” So Alexia and her sisters and mother were jumping into the house.

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In addition to hockey, Alexia has a few other hobbies. ‘Hockey, playing guitar and singing’, that is how Alexia spends her free time if we are to believe the website of the royal family. The princess would even once have been in the race to participate in The Voice Kids, but these plans were not carried through. Máxima also plays guitar, so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

It is not known whether Alexia aspires to a career in music or takes a different path. Her sister Ariane is also not yet settled. “Well, they don’t know yet and I think that’s good. They have to decide that with the future,” said Máxima about it in the interview in honor of her fiftieth birthday.

Before that, Alexia goes to Atlantic College Wales, the swanky school her father also attended. “She may want a little more freedom. And she is, she also has that a bit from me, she is curious. She wants to discover new things and new people. And then back to the Netherlands, because she wants to study here,” she said. Maxima.

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It is not yet clear what she will study. We do know that her future is less mapped out than that of her sister Amalia. “Of course I have the freedom to choose what I want to become when I grow up. I don’t know for a long time, but I like that I can do something with my own interests later,” Alexia said about it during King’s Day in Eindhoven.

That Alexia is just an ordinary girl, she proved once again during King’s Day. When asked what she missed most during the lockdown, she gave some perfectly normal examples. She told them that she mainly missed small things, such as going to the city for shopping or sitting on the terrace. “In normal life without corona, you don’t realize how nice that actually is. In quarantine it was difficult to miss all those little things.”

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