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When Kate Middleton came into the spotlight as a friend of Prince William, she dressed like an average college girl. In the two decades that have passed since then, his style has logically polished a lot, but his changes in style have always been characterized by gradation and finesse. While he seemingly dutifully followed the dress code for the members of the royal family — and avoided any kind of rebellion such as we had seen from Princess Diana at the time, for example — little by little, he changed a number of rules. For example, he brought fashion replicas into fashion and, in addition to luxury items, added fast fashion pieces available to the masses to his wardrobe. With all this, he also developed an image close to people in terms of his appearance. “The public mood today does not long for inaccessible rulers locked in their palaces, but for those who can be contacted. And the royal family realized that dressing was one way to do it. ” Said Bethan Holt, a Duchess of Cambridge: The Decade of Modern Royal Style (Duchess of Cambridge: A Decade of Modern Royal Style) author of the book.

Although we do not know when Prince William can ascend the throne, it is clear that the ducal couple is already taking an increasingly important part in the royal duties. And about a year and a half ago, Princess Catherine has been noticeably changing style again, with which she can prepare for the role of her future queen.

Skirt length

Which is why in the first years of her marriage, perhaps the most criticism was given to the princess for not wearing long enough skirts. It is true: in the initial period, he wore barely knee-length skirts and dresses, and on several occasions they woke up at a careless moment, showing much more of the princess’s feet than was allowed in the members of the royal family. The princess, who had meanwhile become a mother of three, then switched to a skirt length just below her knees, into which she could no longer be tied. In recent months, however, her skirts and jackets have become noticeably longer: their bottoms approach the ankles rather than the knees, making the princess’s appearance even more conservative and sophisticated, while the likelihood of skirt accidents has essentially dropped to zero. The style itself wouldn’t benefit anyone anyway, but our rabbit-shaped, thin ankle-shaped fit is fine.

Ankle-length skirt length (Photos: Getty Images)


Even before that, the princess showed up regularly in pants, and her favorite style was clearly skinny. Recently, however, this cut has been replaced by trapezoidal trousers ironed to the top, which the princess wears in combination with simpler, embroidered tops, long coats, and high-heeled shoes. This retro-inspired silhouette is a completely new element in Katalin’s dress, and it must be acknowledged that it is a hit.

Princess Catherine in trapeze pants

Trapeze (Photos: Getty Images)

At less formal events, the princess used to appear often in sports or hiking attire. Although he hasn’t left them completely yet, it’s becoming more and more common to choose more elegant outfits for such performances as well. Tight pants have been replaced by cigar pants, a warm-up top by a cricket sweater, but a blue denim-white top-sneaker set also comes with a blazer. Katalin doesn’t even dress up for looser occasions, and her sets don’t stop her from playing for a bit on her visit to a sports center, for example. This is because, as in the past, he is happy to do so today.

Princess Catherine is sporty and elegant

Athletically elegant (Photos: Getty Images)

Shades of color

Blue clothes have become a trademark of Katalin practically since her engagement. He wore various shades of this color — especially light and medium — perhaps most often in the last decade. He remained faithful to the blue stuff during his current style change, the color is a kind of connecting link between his old and new clothes, and at the same time radiates stability with his familiarity.

Princess Catherine in blue

Blue tones (Photos: Getty Images)

For the past year and a half, however, the princess has been wearing reddish-toned attire more often than blue. The range of colors from rosy to burgundy has clearly become dominant in her wardrobe. It seems that in the long run, these classically princely shades could replace the blues, kind of suggesting that the blue was the color of the princess, the red the color of the queen.

Princess Catherine in red

Princely Reds (Photos: Getty Images)

Catherine also wears more vivid, intense shades more often than usual: ones that stand out from the crowd. This style is notoriously II. Elizabeth is her own, which is why the princess continues to choose restrained shades in her presence. However, on occasions when the queen is not present, she also communicates with the colors of her attire that she represents the ruler.

Princess Catherine in bright shades

Bright shades (Photos: Getty Images)

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