“Princess Charlène almost dead after operations”

That the health of Princess Charlène of Monaco leaves much to be desired is evident from the fact that she was recently admitted to a clinic to recover after her throat, nose and ear infection she had earlier this year. But according to Page Six In fact, the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco was so bad that she had almost disappeared.

Source: The Telegraph

A source tells the entertainment magazine that the media reported more positively about Charlène’s health than it would have been in reality. “It’s not fair to pretend she has some sort of mental or emotional problem,” the insider said. “We don’t know why the palace downplayed that she almost died in South Africa,” referring to Charlene’s homeland where she was forced to stay for the past six months because of multiple operations for the infections.

The princess was said to have been unable to eat solid food for six months as a result of the surgeries she had to undergo. “She could only get fluids through a straw, so she’s lost almost half her body weight.”

According to Page Six Charlène would in any case ‘absolutely not suffer from serious mental health problems’. “She is overtired from six months of surgery and unable to eat as a result. She missed her children and husband greatly when she was trapped in South Africa.”