Princess Eugenie will marry longtime friend Jack Brookbann on Friday, October 12, at an extravagant Windsor wedding.

The wedding will take place at St. George's Chapel, the same place as Eugenie's cousin Prince Harry when he married Meghan Markle in May this year.

Eugenie's wedding will be a two-day event, with reports scheduled for Saturday, October 13th.

The couple has decided to follow in the footsteps of Harry and Meghan and invite 800 prominent guests from the Royal and A-list as well as 1,200 people from the public to their big day.

What will Princess Eugenie wear and who will design her dress?

Bookies have revealed which designer Royal fans believe the princess will choose, with fashion house Erdem leading the week before the wedding.

According to Ladbrokes, however, a last-minute gamble is developing on Suzannah, who designs the wedding dress of Princess Eugenie.

He also remains the bookmaker favorite with odds of 2/1, but British designer Suzannah has seen odds rise to 3/1 from 9/2 in the last 24 hours.

Close behind them are the designers Jenny Packham 5/1 and Preen 6/1, followed by Suzanne Neville (8/1).

Ladbrokes's Jessica Bridge said, "We know Princess Eugenie is the flag for British designers, and players are wondering if a surprise for Suzannah or Preen is at stake and Erdem will miss the big day."

Some bookmakers have previously listed chances of a repeat of Meghan Markle designer choice, Givenchy, but the fashion house is now out of the top ten options.

According to rumors, the granddaughter's granddaughter should also wear a special family heirloom, the York Tiara, to honor her family on her wedding day.

With the choice of the York tiara, Eugenie will pay tribute to her mother who wore the headdress when she joined the royal family in 1986.

The Queen and Prince Philip are said to have bought the jewelry for Fergie from the jeweler Garrad as a wedding gift.

When Eugenie walks down the hall on Friday, it will be the first time that the princess wears a tiara, because only married women can wear a decorated headpiece.

What is the royal wedding dress code and what do the guests wear?

The granddaughter of the queen has imposed a strict dress code on her guests.

While women who take part in Eugenie's big day wear day dresses and hats, men must wear dressing gowns.

This is a stricter dress code than Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry earlier this year, where men could wear military uniforms, dressing gowns, and lounge suits.

Dressing gowns are traditionally worn for British men and it has been speculated that the addition of lounge suits at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could be for American guests unfamiliar with the tradition.

Since Jack did not serve in the military like Eugenie's cousin Prince Harry, it makes sense that uniforms are not included in the invitation.


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