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Principal arrested, the prosecutor's office in Imperia favorable to house arrest

Imperia Deputy Prosecutor Grazia Pradella asked for the prison to be replaced with house arrest for Annarita Zappulla, the 62-year-old principal of Imperia's Ipsia arrested on charges of embezzlement relating to the use of the school's car for personal reasons who administers.
Tomorrow, during the validation interrogation, the investigating judge will rule on the request that, unless surprises, should be accepted.

The arrest with detention in prison – Zappulla has been in the Pontedecimo prison in Genoa since Saturday afternoon – has caused much discussion, above all for a question of proportionality between the alleged crime and precautionary measures. However, it must be said that the tightening of penalties and measures for certain crimes against the public administration allowed the investigators, indeed in the face of a certain context such as that was almost an obligatory path, to proceed with the arrest and detention in prison. "We are faced with an aggravating circumstance that justifies the arrest – explains Alberto Lari, chief prosecutor of Imperia – that car had entered the full and sole availability of the principal, as an appropriation. It is one thing to take an asset, use it and then return it. In the latter case, it is a simple peculation of use ».

The principal explained that she took the car for a trip to France on Saturday after her car was unusable due to an accident.
The story stems from an internal school complaint. Some of Zappulla's colleague seems to have been pissed off at the school's allegedly private use of the Toyota Corolla and informed the carabinieri that they had started an investigation.



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