Print News – The last week

Hector J. Cruz

Six months has the Major League season on its 162-game schedule. Let’s say it would be about 26 weeks, days more days less and there is never a day off. There are usually two days off for certain teams only, either Monday or Thursday, but there is never a break in the action (all-star games only).

The last week started yesterday and the regular round will end this Sunday, October 3. If there is a tie in any division or in the wild card, a tiebreaker match (or several) would be played the following Monday. What remains to be defined?

DIVISIONS: In the AL there are two definite division winners: Tampa in the East, White Sox in the Central. In the West, Houston has its magic number at two when it starts a series vs. Tampa this Tuesday. Their rivals, Seattle and Oakland.

In the National, Giants and Dodgers maintain their fight with a distance of 2 games in favor of the first. This Tuesday San Francisco plays vs. Arizona, the Dodgers against San Diego. However, both are classified for the playoffs, either by winning the group or through the first place of the wild card (the only bad thing is that whoever goes for the wild card will play a sudden death game against St. Louis. The group winner will play the playoffs of 5-3).

There is also the case of Atlanta and Philadelphia. The Braves lead 83-72 and Philadelphia 81-75 when the two meet starting tonight in Atlanta. The distance is two and a half games, the Phillies have a chance.

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WILD CARD: In the AL, the Yankees, Boston and Toronto contested the two places in a trio with the Yankees leading by 1 game. But, the Yankees and Blue Jays have a series of three from tonight, and there will be “pure fire” .. The Yankees have come to sweep Boston at home in three games, even that allowed them to snatch the wild card lead. Boston will be playing Baltimore and Washington this weekend, both eliminated.

There is also Seattle, at a distance of 2 games, but it would have to count on results from the other teams.

In the National, the Dodgers have their first place assured and San Luis will be the second classified. The Cardinals, with 16 straight wins, have a 5 1/2 lead over Cincinnati and 6 over Philadelphia. It will be a matter of hours his pass to the playoff.

MVP: The fashion controversy revolves around the MVP for Shohei Ohtani or Vladimir Guerrero Jr .. Vladimir has his offensive numbers, even in his favor the fact that he plays defense … Ohtani has his, he is DH or Designated Hitter and has the Plus of who is also a pitcher and has been successful. That has allowed him to be labeled a “phenomenon” and now opinions are divided. The Dominicans believe that Vladimir will win, the Americans say that this was already decided in the middle of the year. The good thing about it is that there is a long way to go because that will be announced in November after a champion is proclaimed.

FOURTH TIME: The Oakland Athletics placed pitcher Michael Feliz for assignment, becoming the fourth team to do that to the Dominican this year. In 2021 he has pitched for Pirates, Cincinnati, Boston and Oakland setting records in both directions… What feelings will this boy have? In history there is another similar case with José Bautista, also a Dominican. In 2004 he played for four clubs: Pirates, Tampa, Baltimore and Kansas City .. In total he exhausted 88 at-bats, 18 hits, average of .205, 0 Hr., And 2 RBIs, adding 40 strikeouts .. Then in the years The following will start a good 15-year career, adding 344 home runs… Also, in retirement, José won an Olympic medal (bronze) as part of the national team that performed in the past Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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THE BEST: In September, this is how the three teams fighting for the AL wild card have played: Toronto 17-7, Yankees 12-11 and Boston 12-9… Watch out for Toronto.