Priorities of the 2023-2027 Digital Health Roadmap

This new roadmap follows that which covered the period 2019-2022 and aimed to strengthen the governance of digital health and accelerate the deployment of basic digital services. She leaves behind important assets, ” the first of which is the technical framework for urbanization, thanks to basic services, including Mon Espace Santé “, explains Hela Ghariani, co-responsible for the DNS. She highlights the success of the DMP, on which ” 10 million documents are sent every month » by hospitals, biology laboratories or city medicine. It is ” the equivalent each month of what has been done in terms of sending health documents to patients over the past 15 years ».

« The second asset is the collaboration framework that we have managed to implement between institutional, industrial, establishments and patients, she continues. The definition of this second roadmap has also been placed under the sign of co-construction.

Systematization and democratization of uses

Where the first roadmap “ enabled us to catch up on a certain delay in e-health » et « to stimulate an ambitious dynamic “, this second version aims to succeed in the turn of “ the systematization and democratization of uses, so that digital technology finds a place in the daily lives of fellow citizens and health professionals “Summarizes François Braun, Minister of Health.

The new roadmap includes 18 priorities and 65 objectives, grouped into four areas.

The first is ” Develop prevention and make everyone involved in their own health », which means having control over your health data. One of the objectives is to reach a rate of 250 million health documents per year fed into My health space by professionals by the end of 2023 and 400 million by the end of 2026.

The second axis is from “regive time to health professionals and improve the care of people “. This involves facilitating access to relevant data and the clarity of the offer of emerging services. Thus, in addition to access via the DMP web portal, professionals will be able to simply access the data, partly structured, from My health space (including biology exams) directly in their business software. Another objective: the experimentation from 2023 of a mechanism for measuring the satisfaction of healthcare professionals with their business software.

The third axis, Improve access to health for people and the professionals who guide them will go through, among other things, the development of telehealth in under-dense areas and for priority health pathways, while the fourth, “ Deploy a favorable framework for the development of uses and innovation requires strengthening cybersecurity. Thus, by 2027 at the latest, all establishments will have to carry out an annual or bi-annual cyber crisis exercise.

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