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Updated:02/08/2020 01: 34h


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In recent years, road safety has become one of the fundamental values ​​that has most concerned users, companies and public institutions. According to recent data provided by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), traffic accidents have been responsible for 1,098 deaths in 2019. In December 2019, a total of 100 people lost their lives on the roads. An alarming figure that highlights the need for the creation of a collaboration framework between institutions, companies in the sector and users, to work together.

Under this premise, the Road Safety Alliance is constituted. An action promoted by the Association of former Deputies and former Senators on the initiative of D. Luis Theophilus, former president of the Road Safety Commission of Congress. For this reason, the Congress of Deputies has hosted this week in the SERT room, the first meeting of said initiative with the aim of reducing the risks of accidents on Spanish public roads.

This project, pioneer in our country, has the participation of a total of 22 signatory entities: Karyotype, Repsol, Caser Seguros, ALSA, CEA (European Automobile Commissioner), Fesvial, Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE), Ponle Freno Platform, AECA-ITV (Association of Entities for the Technical Inspection of Vehicles of the Community of Madrid), Confebus, VOI, ANFAC (Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers), BlaBlaCar, Motor 16, AESLEME (Association for the prevention of traffic accidents and NGO of attention to accident victims), CNAE (National Confederation of Driving Schools ), GANVAM (National Association of Sellers of Motor Vehicles, Repair and Spare Parts, with specialized and exclusive services for their associates), ANESDOR (Anesdor National Association of Companies of the Sector of Two Wheels), Netum Solutions , Connected Mobility HUB, Cable Energía, FETEVI (State Federation of Road Education Technicians) and Dräger.

The working formula in which to establish the axes of action that help define the improvements for promote road safety, will be based on holding regular meetings in which to establish the axes of action that help define the improvements to promote Road Safety. Adequate care for prevention and risk, as well as assistance to victims and their families, will be other lines of action that have marked the agenda of this first work meeting.

First meeting of the members of this first Road Safety Alliance

Lines of action of the Alliance

The will of the members of the Alliance for Road Safety is to work on promoting initiatives that improve the training of new drivers, the renewal of the mobile park and new forms of mobility, and so on. contribute to accident reduction. For this, three areas of action have been established:

one) The users. Both pedestrians and drivers must be involved as responsible and therefore attention is necessary in:

-The adequate training of drivers.

-The impulse to the training of all users and therefore to the collaboration of non-drivers.

-Support for victims and their families, as well as the necessary attention to the most vulnerable.

-In the case of professional drivers, passenger transport and transport in general, promote the necessary measures for safe driving.

-The development of awareness campaigns aimed at better use of the roads by all users.

two) The vehicles. When constituting fundamental elements in the roads and sometimes determining safety in them, it seems convenient:

-Regular in general, according to the field of competence, the use of the new modes of transport, establishing, among other aspects, roads for its circulation.

-Improve the effectiveness of controls to ensure the proper condition of vehicles that circulate on our roads.

-To implement a renovation plan for the oldest mobile park for the benefit of safety and environmental conservation.

3) The roads. As a physical space shared by pedestrians and drivers, it should be the object of attention and therefore it is appropriate:

-Improve the layout and safety elements in our pathways after technical analysis in those sections with greater risk or more accident.

-Maintain a realistic policy that allows the proper conservation of our important network.

-Check, in conservation work, the suitability of signage for the benefit of users.

The constitution of this Alliance implies, in short, the willingness to provide experience and knowledge for the analysis of problems and establish a roadmap that responds and solutions for the benefit of Road Safety in Spain and Europe.


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