PRI’s Facebook page is hacked

They claim that the information they posted is false and harms the party.

Hacked the page of Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI); information has been uploaded to Facebook that damages the party, so the state leader, Antonio Lugo Morales, warned about this information, noting that it has already been made known to the National Executive Committee and legal action will be taken in this regard.

Through a statement the State Steering Committee of the Institutional Revolutionary Party announced that the page of Facebook, from the account, has been hacked and you have no control over it.

“Therefore, it is reported that said account is suspended as OFFICIAL of this State Steering Committee and in the coming days a new account will be released to report the activities, as well as the new head of the Communication area of ​​the PRI Aguascalientes”, says the statement.

Likewise, it is reported that said situation is known to the National Executive Committee, which has chosen to take the pertinent legal actions.

It is worth mentioning that for several days on the official page of the tricolor party false information has been uploaded that has damaged the political party itself.

False accusations have been made against the state leadership, a situation from which the PRI, explaining that the page Facebook where official information was regularly uploaded, has been taken by the hackers, therefore, legal actions will be taken against whoever is responsible.

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