prisoner escaped 30 years ago from jail and surrenders

Darko Desic, a man who escaped from jail 30 years ago and lived all this time as a fugitive, surprised when he arrived at a police station to turn himself in.

The man entered prison in 1990 in Australia and three years later, using saws and cutters, managed to flee the place.

According to the 20 Minutes portal, the subject was afraid that when his sentence ended, he would be deported to his country and he would not be able to continue residing in the oceanic nation.

After escaping from prison, he kept living quietly in small coastal towns in Australia, doing construction work, paying in cash.

In the same way, he went everywhere walking since he did not have a driver’s license and he did not go to medical consultations, since he was afraid of being discovered.

However, as a result of the pandemic, he was unemployed, so he did not have money to pay the rent, having to sleep during the last months on the beach.

Given this, he considered that it was better to go back to prison and have a place to sleep, so he went to turn himself in.

At the moment the man is serving the remaining year of his sentence in 1993, but could increase his punishment to seven more years in prison for having escaped.

However, different communities are supporting his case on GoFundMe, indicating that he had exemplary behavior, considering that in a few weeks he could ask for his parole.

In that sense, they have raised about 26 thousand euros so that Desic can rebuild his life when he gets out of prison, also hiring a lawyer to try to be a free man again.

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