Privacy Guarantor, immediate blocking of the Mitiga Italia – Sport app

The Guarantor for the protection of personal data has ordered the temporary blocking of the processing of personal data against the company that manages the “Mitiga Italia” app. The app was used for the first time on May 19 to allow spectators in possession of certification certifying vaccination, recovery or negativity from Covid-19 to enter the Italian Cup final. The measure was made necessary since the possibility emerged that the app, in the coming days, could be used to govern access to other events and shows or other sporting initiatives.

In his provision, the Guarantor underlined that at the moment there is no valid legal basis for the processing of data, even particularly delicate ones such as those of a health nature, carried out through the app and aimed at ascertaining the “Covid free” situation of those who participate in sports events as well as other public events or enter premises open to the public
Finally, the Mitiga company, having submitted the application to the Authority on 1 April, should in any case have refrained from any processing of data since the time provided for by the Regulations for taking a decision by the Authority itself did not elapse.
The block has immediate effect and will continue for the time necessary to allow the Authority to define the investigation initiated.


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