Private removals Hamburg / private removals of all kinds / Hamburg & surroundings

Your Private move in Hamburg and from Hamburg into the distance, we are happy to lift for you. As an established Hamburg moving company that has been operating for more than ten years is successful in the market, we have the experience, the know-how, the manpower and the equipment to realize your private move efficiently and precisely. Whether your private move takes place in Hamburg and the surrounding area or it takes you away from Hamburg throughout Germany or Europe or from further afield into our wonderful Hanseatic city: We are exactly the right partner at your side for every private move with a Hamburg connection. With us, as your professional moving company for private moves, you receive everything related to private moves from a single source, from moving advice and planning to carrying out the move (packing, transport and assembly work) to clearing, cleaning and renovation activities. And this individually tailored to your needs and optionally at a fixed price or on an hourly basis.

Hamburg private removals of any size – from the room to the house

Private trains We realize in every size and always with the moving service package put together according to customer requirements. This is put together in the type and scope according to the needs of our private moving customers, also with individual advice from our experienced professional private moving planners. Just give us a call, send us an email or fill out our contact form – and you will receive the advice you want free of charge and without obligation, as well as an offer for your upcoming one Private move in and around Hamburg.

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Whether your Hamburg private move is small and simple (e.g. only transport work and furniture transport for a room move) or larger and more complex (complete household, clearing out garden sheds, carrying out renovation, packing, dismantling and assembly work), we always apply do this for you! And this reliably, professionally and at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Our services for private removals in Hamburg

As a full-service moving company for all relocation cases, we offer a wide range of services. Tailored exactly to your needs, you receive all moving services from a single source. Some services in Hamburg and the surrounding area can also be booked individually, i.e. without moving, such as the transport of bulky goods or clearing work including proper disposal or, in the case of valuable items, direct purchase via crediting (e.g. in the course of apartment liquidations). Our most important services for private removals are:

Initial advice on your private move from our experienced move planners

Concrete planning of your Hamburg move

Setting up of no-parking zones (we will clarify this with the responsible authorities, taking into account the necessary lead times; and should a private move be necessary very spontaneously, we can probably arrange for no-parking zones at the start and destination through our existing contacts without the actually necessary advance notice)

Delivery of packing materials (cardboard boxes, foils, filling materials, etc.)

Packing service (our moving helpers will pack the boxes for you, and they will clear the shelves at the destination as they cleared them out at the start location)

Transport of your removal goods by professional, speedy and prudent removal helpers with professional equipment (including bulky goods transport)

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Furniture dismantling and furniture construction

Disassembly and reassembly of electrical devices

Suspending and hanging up lamps

Clearing out (of living rooms, cellars, sheds, gardens, attics)

Professional disposal of bulky and hazardous waste, rubble and junk

Direct purchase of valuable items (such as electrical appliances, porcelain services, cutlery, carpets, collections, evening wear, furniture) via crediting

Renovation at the start and destination (e.g. painting window frames, doors, radiators, wallpapering, sanding floors)

Basic cleaning (swept clean; you can usually hand the old apartment back to the landlord or to your subsequent users)