Coronavirus – Virtual Classes – Quarantine

Private teachers ask for virtual classes to be regulated in quarantine


SADOP expressed its “deep concern over the lack of payment of the wages of thousands of male and female companions” and noted that employers in the sector are solely responsible for the timely payment of wages, regardless of whether or not they receive a state subsidy or extraordinary aid in the context of the coronavirus quarantine. “Employers are solely responsible for paying private teacher salaries”Said Jorge Kalinger, Secretary General of the union, who participated in the Paritaria, which was done online, along with Marina Jaureguiberry, Union Secretary.

Based on the results of the “Contact us to take care of yourself” survey, carried out by SADOP and answered by 8,000 private teachers between April 2 and 12, the Union proposed to agree on basic guidelines, arising from a joint agreement, to regulate the organization of the work with a lack of presentiality, since the investigation detected and quantified a significant number of problems.

“SADOP proposed to establish a limit to the length of the working day and a schedule of availability of workers. In this way, the right to digital disconnection and privacy for educators is established, ”said Kalinger.

He also raised the need to delineate what are the priority pedagogical contents and attend to the provision of work tools and compensation for electricity, telephone, Internet, mobile data packages because currently the worker uses those of his property.

In addition, SADOP highlighted the need for a plan for education and training in the use of new technologies.


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