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Privatization of ADP: the opposition runs out of ideas with the Referendum of Shared Initiative?

Instead of taking a serious role in the debate and playing the game of democracy, the opposition is doing nothing more than undermining the government in place to draw some of the media attention that it seems to be lacking.

By Jean Semnoz.

The Pact Act was finally adopted on Thursday, April 11 by the Assembly. But the day before, some 218 deputies announced that they were launching the Paratgée Initiative Referendum in order to obtain a bill that would counter ADP's privatization plan. False good idea or real sword in the water?

Despite all the energy spent by the opposition, from the extreme left to the extreme right, the Pact Act was finally adopted by the Assembly on 11 April. This complex law, which took a lot of time to develop and more than 240 hours of debate in Parliament, contains the most controversial provision of all: the possibility for the State to sell its shares in the ADP Group. . In other words, what politicians and journalists call for the privatization of Paris airports.

Contrary Forces or Opposition in Principle

What happens when an irresistible force encounters an immutable object? The well-known paradox of omnipotence actually contains the answer in the question. It is impossible to coexist in the universe an irresistible force and an immutable object. That seems to be happening right now in the political class.

The government of Édouard Philippe supported by the majority LREM did indeed vote the Pact Act and still intends to sell the shares of the State within ADP to, in particular, to finance its famous fund for the innovation and industry. That's the irresistible force.

Opposite, the immutable object, the opposition. It has become protean to the point of being difficult to look in the face without recoiling. Just look at the picture of the deputies gathered to present the initiative initiative of the Referendum Initiative Shared to journalists: the entire spectrum is represented from France Insubordant Republicans, through the centrists. But is this initiative serious?

The RIP, or R.I.P the coherence

According to Valérie Rabault, president of the Socialist Group, this is a moment "Totally historic". Do not be scarred by words ! Admittedly, more than 200 deputies from all sides who agree to oppose a law provision that has just been adopted by the Assembly is a political event that is worth noting.

But if the maneuver is worth its price politically and mediately, it shines on the other hand neither by the honesty nor the spirit. It is indeed an attempt so vain that the deputies can only pretend to really believe it. All experts agree that this initiative has no chance of success.

Why ? Because now opposition MPs have 9 months to collect the signatures of 4.7 million voters – signatures collected by the Minister of the Interior by the way – before proposing a majority law that will vote of course since it has just adopted a contrary provision. The loop will be looped and the time and energy wasted.

Institutions are not a toy

However, the agitation of opposition MPs sends us back to a fundamental political and institutional issue. How can the opposition be useful when Parliament belongs to an overwhelming majority, as it is now? The democratic principles would like it to seek by serious and coherent arguments to assert to the government in place its position so that the latter adjusts its policy by taking into account the opinions of the deputies representing a minority but certainly not negligible of citizens.

Instead, the deputies have chosen, sometimes at the price of consistency, to agitate institutional tools perfectly useless to do no more than a vulgar buzz. While the French, yellow jackets in the lead, have lost confidence in their leaders, this kind of publicity stuck on the backs of legal institutions is not likely to make them more credible.

In terms of lack of credibility, PS PS Boris Vallaud is an allegory. When he was deputy general secretary of the Elysee in Holland he supervised himself the transfer of the airports of Lyon, Nice and Toulouse. Today he does not hesitate to name the government project "An imbecility" …

As often observing political life, the opposition ridicules itself so much that it acts as a lightning rod in spite of itself by attracting to it the landing and the confusion. Instead of taking a serious role in the debate and playing the game of democracy, it is doing nothing more than undermining the government in place to draw some of the media attention it seems to lack.


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