Priyanka Gandhi said that she understood that Rahul is not ‘Pappu’

New Delhi: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi said that Rahul Gandhi, who completed his education in the world’s most famous institutions, was called ‘Pappu’ by the BJP. However, Priyanka said that later she realized that he is not ‘Pappu’ but is honest and knows the problems of common people. Speaking at the satyagraha organized at Rajghat to protest Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification, Priyanka spoke about the taunts of her opponents.

A petition was filed against Rahul Gandhi in Surat court. After approaching the court, the court stayed the proceedings for one year. Priyanka Gandhi also pointed out that when Rahul spoke about Adani in Parliament, the trial was completed in a month and Rahul was sentenced.

Priyanka Gandhi has criticized BJP and Narendra Modi. Priyanka Gandhi said that Rahul Gandhi is the son of a martyr and the son of a martyr has been disqualified. A martyr’s son is called a traitor. His martyred father was insulted many times in Parliament. Union ministers of BJP insulted the martyr’s wife in Parliament. A BJP chief minister said that Rahul Gandhi does not even know who his father is. However, Priyanka pointed out that no action has been taken against such people.

Our family was insulted many times but we did not respond. Such persons are not barred from contesting elections. They are not disqualified from Parliament. Should our family be ashamed of fighting for the country? Priyanka also pointed out that our family has nurtured the democracy of this country with their blood.

His brother Rahul hugged Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament. Then he told Modi that he has no hatred. Priyanka Gandhi clarified that we may have different ideologies but we do not have an ideology of hatred.

Challenging a case against her, Priyanka accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being cowardly and arrogant. Why is there a frenzy when Adani’s name is mentioned? Who invested Rs 20,000 crore in Adani’s shell companies? The wealth of the country was looted. People will recognize an arrogant Prime Minister.

Some people looted the country. It is not Rahul Gandhi’s property that has been looted. The right to ask questions is no longer in the country. Priyanka Gandhi said that the Congress will fight with more strength.