Prize for film about the Bregenz “Katzenmann” policy

A short film about Christian Amann, who is often the eye-catcher in Bregenz with two four-legged friends on his shoulder, causes a sensation at festivals.

Ingrid Grohe

10/22/2021 | Status: 2:17 p.m.

Christian Amann is an eye-catcher. With two gray cats on his shoulder, he strolls through Bregenz or cycles along the promenade to the Festpspielhaus. People call him “Fidel” or the “Cat Man”. In the meantime, his fame has risen: He plays the leading role in the short film “All cats are gray at night”, with which director Lasse Linder won the European Film Prize 2020 in the short film category.

The film shows the relationship between the Bregenz cat man and his pets

The Swiss created his 18-minute short film as a documentary. He tells of Christian Amann, who lives for his cats Jam and Katjuscha. From March to May 2019, Lasse Linder accompanied the man from Bregenz and his four-legged companions. This resulted in an emotional work that shows the relationship between Christian and his “family members”. It’s a film about relationships, love and emotions. During the shoot, Christian Amann remained authentic, his feelings are understandable, nothing works.

Film award for documentary “At night all cats are gray”

“All cats are gray at night” has been presented at over 100 film festivals, and in 2019 it received the award for best documentary film at the Tampere Film Festival (Finland). The Mayor of Bregenz, Michael Ritsch, paid tribute to the famous citizen of his city for many other awards and the European Film Prize. He presented Christian Amann with a replica of the European Film Prize trophy at a ceremony. Mayor Ritsch explained: “For me it is certain that Christian Amann deserves an award as the protagonist of the film, because without him there would be no story that can be told.”