Pro Bahn criticized the new DB timetable

With its new timetable, Deutsche Bahn has not met with much approval from the Pro Bahn passenger association: There are no new ICE Sprinter connections for Hanover, and there is still not even a single one for Bremen.

The passenger association Pro Bahn in Lower Saxony and Bremen criticizes the new timetable of the Deutsche Bahn, which comes into force in December. The new or improved connections would be too meager, said a spokesman. If things continue at this rate, the goal of doubling the number of passengers by 2030 will be clearly missed.

Apparently there is no new ICE sprinter for Hanover. And Lower Saxony only benefits indirectly from the new sprinters Berlin-Cologne without stopping in Hanover. Presumably, some travelers would switch from normal clocked trains to the sprinters and thus the space situation in the clocked trains would relax slightly. The passenger association called for further connections between the Ruhr area and Berlin with stops in Hanover and Wolfsburg. The current hourly rate is insufficient.

New connection to Rügen good for Hanover – Bremen goes away empty-handed

On the other hand, the daily new direct ICE connection via Berlin to Rügen is positive for Hanover and the surrounding area. This will make the trip to the Baltic Sea much more comfortable and attractive.

Bremen, on the other hand, is completely empty, there is still not a single Sprinter connection. Overall, the new long-distance timetable offers minor improvements. According to Pro Bahn, however, the offer is not a big step towards the turnaround in traffic.