Pro D2. RC Vannes bows to Dax for last game of the season


For their last game of the season, Vannetais move to Dax, already relegated. Anthony Bouthier entered an entry test for Vannetais. But the Landes have reversed the situation against Britons outmoded and a tone below. Follow the 2nd half of Dax – Vannes, match of the last day of ProD2, live.
Follow the event live Sunday, April 15 2:08 p.m. Dax – Vannes: 34-28 4:25 p.m. Thank you all for following us. Good evening. 4:21 p.m. Vannes can still win, but Dax seems to have control of the ball … The Landes want to go get their 6th and last try. 4:19 p.m. 76. TEST OF 70 m OF VALVES! Dueplenne flattens after a melee of dacquoise that gives nothing! Transformed. 4:13 p.m. 70. Penaltouche for Dax. It remains less than 10 minutes to play in this spectacular meeting. 4:11 p.m. DELANGLE! The new test for Vannetais a quarter of an hour from the end of the game, the test of honor after this powerful and well-negotiated melee. Transformed trial 4:09 p.m. 64 ‘. Vannes tries to put a little madness in the camp landais. The Morbihannais get a penalty, but they play the fray. Will they be rewarded? 4:08 p.m. 63 ‘. Inquietude for Dax. Felipe Berchesi remains on the ground, the Landais finally takes his place. 3:59 p.m. 55. Picquette and Hilsenbeck are replaced by De Bruin and Bly for Vannes. 3:56 p.m. 53 ‘. New test of Dax! Liebenberh goes for his second personal try in this match! Stamp transforms and gives air to the Landes. 3:52 p.m. 50 ‘. Vannes reaction with this test! Rémi Picquette gives hope to Vannetais. Hilsenbeck transforms 3:51 p.m. 45. Vannes is gone and crack for the 4th time. The Landes fronts penetrate and Liebenberg flattens for Dax. 3:45 p.m. 45. AND THE FOURTH TEST FOR DAX! The bonus test for the Landes! 3:44 p.m. 42 ‘. AND THE DAX DIRECT TEST! The Landes have the knife between their teeth and leave with the same intentions against 14 Vannetais, Julien Dechavanne flattens for his second personal test. Cochet does not transform. 3:41 p.m. And we went back to Dax. 3:23 p.m. 40. Half time! Dax has a 10-point advantage over Vannes. 3:22 p.m. 39. Vannes trembles following this new offensive Landaise … but the ball goes out of touch. 3:19 p.m. 38. From bad to worse for Vannes! Frederick Hickes is cautioned of a yellow card by the referee, he leaves his teammates to 14. 3:17 p.m. 38. Vannes has difficulties in this end of the first period. Kevin burgaud is replaced by Jean-Baptiste Pic. 3:15 p.m. We felt it coming … Dax plays the ball in the 22 m vannetais. Adrien Bau is at the last pass for Felipe Berchesi who goes alone in the promised land. Stamp transforms. Dax escapes. 3:14 p.m. 33 ‘DAX TEST !!! 3:09 p.m. 30’. Ternisien is evacuated on a stretcher. The Dacquois seems affected at the neck. Liebenberg replaces him for Dax, still ahead of the score against the RCV. 3:07 p.m. 29. Change to Dax. Dréan takes the place of Kuparadze. Worry also for Ternisien 3:06 p.m. 28. Vannes insists in the rucks, the match is nevertheless interrupted. There is breakage! 3:05 p.m. 25. Dechavanne is well inspired to disarm the oval after a good sequence of possession Vannes. 3:01 p.m. 22 ‘. It’s much better from Dax for a few minutes. The Vannetais are put in difficulties by the Landes, volunteers and motivated to offer a last good match of ProD2 to his supporters. 2:57 p.m. 19. This time, the Landes do not miss address! With patience, Dax does everything possible to circulate the ball without losing it to stretch the Vannes defense, and it is Julien Dechavanne who flattens. Nicolas Cachet transforms. 10-7 Dax 2:53 p.m. 17 ‘. Always so much clumsiness on the side of Acquois. Far too much ahead of the Landes, but at least, the two teams do not facilitate the task and deprive themselves of play at the foot. 2:52 p.m. @ ActusProD2 2:50 p.m. 13 ‘. Vannes misses the opportunity to concretize his control of the match. Eric Fry is penalized and the Dacquois can regain possession. 2:48 p.m. 11 ‘. Vannes let the storm pass, despite a penalized scrum. The clumsiness of the Dacquois is for many. 2:47 p.m. 8 ‘. Sequence of possession of Dacquois who fail to take the Vannetais backhand, despite several balloons out in touch. Spitzer’s men are doing. 2:41 p.m. Quick game Vannetais who do not procrastinate! The ball is carried by Vannes on the Landes rearguard, Hickes finds Bouthier, who goes to the start and flattens! Chris Hilsenbeck transforms! 3-7 2:40 p.m. THE TEST OF RC VALVES !!! 2:39 p.m. 3 ‘. Penalty for Dax following an offside Breton defense … Nicolas Cachet opens the mark for the Landes. Dax is racing in the lead. 2:36 p.m. 1 ‘. Hilsenbeck kicks off the match! 2:33 p.m. Both teams are on the lawn of Maurice-Boyau stadium, the kickoff is imminent. 2:31 p.m. The men of Jean-Noel Spitzer will wish to reiterate the performance of the first leg against Dax, where the Bretons had won 34 to 9 2:30 p.m. Here is the composition of the Landais: 2:29 p.m. @usdaxrugby 2:28 p.m. With 62 points on the clock, Vannetais have managed their season of confirmation in Pro D2. Against Dax, already relegated to Federale 1, the Bretons will want to finish on a good note! See more In this end of the season of Pro D2, all lights are green for RC Valves. Retention was acquired earlier than last year, and the balance sheet is also better. Follow Dax – Vannes, match of the last day of ProD2, live. If it were necessary to find a particular stake in this last move, to Dax (which will evolve in Federal 1 next year), it could be the simple fact of bringing back a second victory to the outside, the Vannetais having not known win on the lawn of Carcassonne this season (30-27, November 10). “It would be nice to win away because we were frustrated with our travels this year,” said Jean-Noël Spitzer, coach Vannes. For this, we should approach this match in the continuity of what we have done so far. All year round, there has been a good working atmosphere, with players invested, serious and applied. It must be the case until the end. “


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