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‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ (PES) changes its name to be free and 100% digital Science and Technology

by archyw
The well-known ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ (PES) will be called from now on ‘eFootball’. (KONAMI)

With a new brand identity for a new generation of consoles and gamers, ‘eFootball’ represents a new approach to the long-standing franchise, which, thanks to ‘Unreal Engine’ technology, will “deliver many advancements on and off the pitch” and will also offer “a similar experience for players of all platforms,” ​​said Konami in a statement.

“Building on the solid foundation of ‘Unreal Engine’, we’ve been able to massively revise player expressions and have made a number of modifications to create a virtually new soccer game engine that will power ‘eFootball’ for years to come,” says Seitaro. Kimura, producer of the video game.

Plus, thanks to the added power of next-gen consoles and close collaboration with elite footballers, ‘eFootball’ offers the most faithful and realistic gameplay to date.

Due to the great evolution of the game engine, the animation system has also been revised. The new technology called ‘Motion Matching’ converts the wide range of movements that players make on the field into a series of animations, selecting the most precise in real time.

The system provides four times more animations than before, achieving a very realistic movement. ‘Motion Matching’ will be used on all ‘eFootball’ platforms, including next-generation consoles, PCs, and cell phones.

In order to ensure that ‘eFootball’ is an experience that everyone can enjoy, Konami’s new soccer game comes in ‘free-to-play’ format for console, PC and mobile, as well as offering an experience similar for all players.

«For the first time ever, joining the global community of soccer players, ‘eFootball’ will offer the same highly realistic esports experience on all platforms: console, PC and mobile, including full cross-play support after the launch, “adds the note.

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Being an exclusively digital title, Konami will regularly add new content and game modes, which will arrive after the launch this fall.

Local mode matches with Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Bayern and Manchester United, among others, will also be available, free of charge, from launch, and other game modes such as DLC (downloadable content), « giving players the freedom to build their own individual experience according to their interests ”.

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