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Home News Pro-Trump "Proud Boys" mob beats protesters outside the NYC club

Pro-Trump "Proud Boys" mob beats protesters outside the NYC club

Screenshot: Sandi Bachom (YouTube)

Several members of the extremist hate group Proud Boys kicked and beat a small group of anti-fascist demonstrators Friday evening in front of a club in Upper East Side Manhattan, where Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes made a speech.

During the melee that was recorded on video and in Photos published on social mediaProud boys dressed in black polo shirts shouted homophobic slurs when they attacked at least three protesters. Several proud boys can be seen kicking their victims after they have been knocked to the ground.

Fighting broke out after about 30 Proud Boys left the Metropolitan Republican Club, where McInnes played the "inspiring moment" when a Japanese ultranationalist murdered the head of the Japanese Socialist Party on 12 October with a samurai sword, 1960 , after a post on McInnes & # 39; Instagram.

The HuffPost report said the fight broke out after demonstrators covered the head of a "Proud Boy" with a "Make America Great Again" hat.

In footage broadcast by Fox News, McInnes briefly emerges from the car and swings a sword before the police force him to keep going. Before the street fight, dozens of protesters had gathered in front of the club where they allegedly "Kill more Nazis!" Chanted.

Last night, someone had marked the club, which serves as the GOP clubhouse in Manhattan, with anarchist graffiti and broken two windows.…80&Itemid=58 A note that was left, said the vandalism, which aimed to "take note of the Republican Party", according to the news,

Citing NYPD, the Daily Beast confirmed that three men between the ages of 20 and 35 were arrested and charged with robbery and assault. Rebecca Kavanagh, a senior lawyer from the Legal Aid Society, later tweeted that the three people were being arrested were anti-racist protesters, They should be charged on Saturday in the criminal court in Manhattan, she added.

Here is a closer look at the attack:

After that, the Proud Boys posed for a photo while flashing "white power" hand signals. The photo was posted on Twitter by journalist and photographer Shay Horse:

According to Gothamist, some Proud Boys shouted after the attack: "I like beer!" – an allusion to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has declared the Proud Boys a hate group, stating that their leaders regularly emit white nationalist memes and maintain ties to known extremists. They are known for anti-Muslim and misogynistic rhetoric. "

Jason Kessler, who served in Charlottesville, VA, last year organizing the "Unite the Right" neo-Nazi and white racist rally, was a member of Proud Boys.

Roger Stone, a right-wing provocateur and former adviser to President Donald Trump, has used the Proud Boys for private security in the past.

Fox News reported on the confrontation on Friday and insincerely talked about the incident involving the sword, which occurred in front of nearby policemen, as an attack by Antifa.

HuffPost reporter Christopher Mathias called this reporting "annoying."

Gothamist also said about the chairman of the Metropolitan Club Board, Ian Reilly:

Asked before the event if the Metropolitan Club had any concerns about providing a platform for someone like McInnes, CEO Ian Reilly told Gothamist, "It's part of the law, we're promoting people and ideas of all kinds from the right Views: We would never invite anyone to incite violence. "

To learn more about McInnes' views, the SPLC has put together a list of his quotes. They include:

"It's such a rape culture with these immigrants, I do not think these women see it as rape, they see it just like having teeth [sic] drawn. "It's a Monday, I do not really enjoy it, but that's what you do, I would not be surprised if it did not have the same trauma as a middle-class white middle-class girl in the suburbs, because it's so deep inside." rooted in their culture. "


"Muslims have a problem with inbreeding, they tend to marry their first cousins ​​… and that's a big problem because if you have mentally injured inbreeding – which is not all Muslims, but a disproportionate number – and You have a hate book called Koran … end with a perfect recipe for mass murder. "



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