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ProAgricultor, a virtual education platform of free access and with which producers, agro-industrialists and techniciansamong others, can be trained in agricultural sustainability and improve their economy, launched a new model focused on the coexistence between agriculture and biodiversity.

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With this intends to emphasize that those who are trained achieve the economic and environmental benefits of the collaboration between beekeeping and agriculture. This, because they affirm that “Pollination is one of the most important processes in nature that contribute to biodiversity”.

And one of the focuses of the program is to learn that “Although the most recognized pollination is that carried out by bees, it can also be carried out by means of insects (butterflies), animals (birds or bats), with the help of wind and water, or from reproductive processes such as apomixis (formation of seeds without fertilization) and parthenocarpy (formation of fruits without fertilization of ovules)”.

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For him development of the course, will have seven modules with information available in videos, interactive audios, infographics. The themes range from the good use of crop protection products to regenerative agriculture.

The countryside needs heroes who want to progress, protect the environment and promote sustainable agriculture.”, indicated Ana María Saldarriaga, external affairs manager of Syngenta Andean Region, the company that owns the platform.

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2023-06-02 03:10:37

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