If you have an Apple iPhone 6 or later model and believe that the battery is in short supply, visit the Apple Store to have it replaced – it will now be cheaper than the New Year.

This is due to "Batterygate". In December 2017, Apple had to apologize after iPhone users found out that the company Cupertino "throttled" the phones when their batteries gave way.

In an open letter to angry customers, the tech giant wrote: "We've received feedback from our customers about the way we treat iPhones with older batteries and how we communicated this process. We know that some of you feel that Apple has let you down. We apologize. & # 39;

The company said the then-new 10.2.1 update introduced a power management feature that prevented a phone from shutting down during peak load.

You can change your iPhone battery for a lower fee this year if you have a problem

You can change your iPhone battery for a lower fee this year if you have a problem

You can change your iPhone battery for a lower fee this year if you have a problem

"Although these changes may not be noticed, in some cases it may result in longer app launch times and other performance reductions."

These include lower speaker volume, lower frame rates when scrolling, and updating apps in the background that require reloading at startup.

To apologize, Apple has lowered the cost of replacing the iPhone batteries from model 6. But only for a limited time.

Any iPhone SE or iPhone 6 that is guaranteed or has AppleCare + protection can be replaced for free. Phones that are not guaranteed cost from £ 25 ($ 29) to £ 54 ($ 50) from the original cost.

However, with the release of iOS 12.1, the series has broken out again. The notes show that the controversial feature is now included in iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

These phones were all launched only a year ago, and the company said in February 2018 that these models would not need the throttling feature.

The replacement battery for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X is free if Apple or AppleCare + are under warranty. If this is not the case, it costs as much as iPhone 6.

However, there is a deadline after which prices will rise. After this December 31the charge for replacing the iPhone 6-8 Plus batteries is £ 45 in the UK and $ 49 in the US.

Replacing the iPhone X battery costs £ 65 in the UK and $ 69 in the US.

There are two ways to exchange your iPhone battery: send it in for repair, return the iPhone in 3-5 business days, or make an appointment and do it in-store. This usually means that you can fix the problem during your visit.


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