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Procedures and Prayers for Slaughtering Sacrificial Animals According to Islamic Teachings

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On Tuesday (20/7/2021), Muslims commemorate Eid al-Adha. Eid al-Adha is synonymous with the slaughter of sacrificial animals. The law of sacrificial worship is sunnah muakad which is recommended if you have financial ability.

Slaughter of sacrificial animals must be done in accordance with Islamic law, namely by cutting the neck of the esophagus and throat and two veins with a sharp tool, except for teeth and bones or other means permitted by Islamic law.

The following are the pillars and procedures for slaughtering sacrificial animals, which are quoted from the official website of the Province of West Sumatra.

Pillars of Slaughtering Sacrificial Animals

1. Muslim slaughterers.

2. Animals that are slaughtered must be halal both from the halal substance and how to obtain it.

3. The tool for slaughtering the sacrificial animal must be sharp so that the slaughtering process occurs quickly and the sacrificial animal does not suffer too much during the slaughter.

4. The purpose of slaughtering is to please Allah SWT.

Procedure for Slaughtering Sacrificial Animals

The following is procedures for slaughtering sacrificial animals hewan:

1. Use a sharp knife. The sharper the knife the better for slaughtering. Based on the hadith of Syaddad Bin Aus radhiallahu ‘anhu, if the Prophet SAW said. “Indeed, Allah SWT obligates to do Ihsan in all kinds of things. If you kill, then kill with Ihsan, and if you slaughter, then slaughter with Ihsan. You should sharpen the knife and enjoy the slaughter.” (HR. Muslim).

2. Do not sharpen knives in front of slaughtered animals. This is done so that the sacrificial animal does not feel afraid before being slaughtered. According to the hadith of Ibn Umar radhiallahu ‘anhuma who said “The Prophet SAW ordered to sharpen a knife without showing it to animals.” (HR. Ahmad, Ibn Majah).

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3. Face the animal to the Qibla.

4. Lay the sacrificial animal on the left side of the stomach.

5. Set foot on the neck of the animal.

6. Read the Bismillah before slaughtering.

7. Read takbir.

8. Mention the name of the person who will be the target of the sacrificial animal.

9. Slaughter quickly to relieve the pain of the sacrificial animal.

10. Ensure that the throat, throat, or two jugular veins have been cut with certainty.

11. It is forbidden to break the neck before the animal is completely dead.

Prayer for Slaughtering Sacrificial Animals

Quoting from the Baznas page, here is the prayer:

Allâhumma hâdzihî minka wa ilaika, fataqabbal minnî yâ kararîm

Meaning, “O my Lord, this animal is a favor from You. And with this I bertaqarrub to You. Therefore leave the Most Gracious God, accept my taqarrub.”

Such are the pillars, ordinances, and slaughter of sacrificial animals. Happy Eid al -Adha Sahabat Hikmah!

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