Processor integrates SIM card function Qualcomm showcases iSIM technology

Qualcomm, together with Vodafone and Thales, has conducted the world’s first demonstration of iSIM technology. iSIM is the abbreviation of Integrated SIM. If the technology eventually prevails, even the eSIM will be replaced by then.

The demonstration utilized a Galaxy Z Flip 3 phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, Thales iSIM operating system, and Vodafone network, and was conducted at Samsung’s European R&D center. Qualcomm has not disclosed the timetable for the launch of iSIM, but said that the solution provides great opportunities for mobile network operators and saves precious space for device manufacturers.

The biggest benefit of iSIM technology is the integration of the SIM into the processor for better system integration, higher performance, and increased memory capacity, which also reduces the need for additional chips for eSIM. iSIM technology complies with GSMA specifications, and can be applied not only to mobile phones, but also to tablets, laptops, VR devices, wearable devices, and IoT devices.

Source: gizmochina