Product conformity for Russia and the EAEU

What should you watch out for when exporting foreign goods to Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)? The following factsheet provides answers to the most important questions about product regulations, certification and conformity.

It is available for download below and was created by our experts from Zentrum | Certification Russia compiled.

The following questions are dealt with:

  • Which product regulations do manufacturers have to comply with when they export goods to Russia and the EAEU?
  • When should an exporter start ensuring the conformity of a product in order to meet the requirements applicable in Russia and the EAEU?
  • What type of certification certifies product conformity for Russia and the EAEU countries?
  • How can exporters and manufacturers determine which certification their product should conform to? And how do you get it?
  • EAC certification can only be obtained through a local declarant. Who can act as the local declarant and why?
  • If the relevant certification is available, how must it be identified on the product?
  • Is an EAC certification for Russia valid in other countries of the Eurasian Customs Union? What is the maximum period of validity?
  • Who issues the certifications?