“Product may explode during use”

IKEA issued a notice to customers about the defective product.

The product may be dangerous

IKEA is recalling the 0.4-liter stainless steel METALLISK espresso coffee machine with a date stamp between 2040 and 2204, which can explode during use, IKEA told MTI on Wednesday.

According to the information, the risk has increased after the change of material and design of the safety valve, therefore only products with a stainless steel safety valve (silver / gray) are affected by the product recall, not other products, IKEA emphasized. The announcement asks all customers of the store to suspend the use of the product if they have previously purchased a METALLISK espresso machine with a date stamp between 0.440 and 2204 (week 40 of 2020 and week 4 of 2022) that can be used on a 0.4 liter stainless steel safety valve hob. and contact IKEA.

Customers can take the recalled product back to any IKEA store, where they will get back the full purchase price of the product. Customers can check the date stamp on the bottom of the product. Product number of recalled: 703.602.25. It is not necessary to prove the receipt of the purchase with a receipt or invoice for the return.

Source: MTI Photo: GettyImages