While the prefecture announces the removal of portions of the Talbat by lack of health guarantees, the manager of the fish farming chauvinoise indicates that it is only an administrative problem.

The press release of the prefecture fell in the middle of the afternoon. In a few lines, it is confirmed that Fish farming Talbat to Chauvigny is currently in the withdrawal from sale and recall of canned food of type “jar of rillettes of smoked trout “ marketed between December 2016 and December 2017. Offending, they do not all the health guarantees required. the ” This is an administrative issue, says Jean-Paul Torturer, manager of the fish farming chauvinoise. These verrines were sterilized in a sterilizer type “tank” and not in an autoclave, as required by the circuit compliance. But there is no health risk, these products have been tested by the laboratory Eurofins, Moulins in the Allier. There was now no longer on the market, all of which have been passed or removed as in the short date of consumption. “

And the producer chauvinois to add :” The regulation is not adapted to small producers. It requires all of the circuits and structures that require a heavy investment, that I am trying, moreover, to achieve. But in the immediate future, this kind of communication throws the opprobe on my business, mostly within a few days of the holiday season. “

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