Prof. receives worrying number of Covid-19 infections, shows Modernna vaccine deal delayed

Prof. Receives worrying number of Covid-19 infections. Bangkok is still heavy. Hurry up to vaccinate the elderly and high-risk groups as soon as possible. build immunity

Dr. Sophon Iamsirithavorn Deputy Director-General, Department of Disease Control Mention the number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus adding more every day that the situation in Thailand is worrisome, and the newly introduced Delta species has a rapid transmission But later epidemics will spread in crowded areas such as factories and spread to more households. But most of them are located in Bangkok and surrounding areas. But when there are measures to close the camp causing infected people to travel to other provinces which in the provinces have been coordinated and disease control quickly which will have to be monitored in the next one to two months If people help to reduce transmission during this period, the number will gradually decrease. In addition, the elderly and those with chronic diseases must be monitored. Because it is in the range that may cause death. The important measure is to speed up vaccination in vulnerable groups as much as possible After vaccination in this group of people, wait about 2 weeks, the immunity will increase and will reduce the mortality rate.

Pfizer’s purchase of vaccines has been signed in two copies, the first being a contract for vaccine information and the second being a reservation for vaccines. and the last edition is Vaccine purchase contract Due to the procurement of vaccines, approximately 20 million doses, which is a large number. And most of the conditions are set by the vaccine companies. Therefore, it will take some time to verify. And when the order has been placed, it will try to expedite the vaccine to be brought into the country as quickly as possible. which the Pfizer vaccine company The delivery period has been set in the 4th quarter.

Therefore, if the outbreak cannot be stopped should speed up vaccination for the elderly as soon as possible Including the need to create understanding with the people In a situation where there are many outbreaks If we work together this month, the situation will be under control.

Prof. Shows Moderna vaccine deal. Delayed. Just waiting to deposit and signing while waiting for clear injection 3 to prevent mutation.

Dr. Witoon Danwiboon, Director of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, spoke about the clarity of alternative vaccines. to enter Thailand that the state-provided vaccines will have 5 brands, namely Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Sputnikvi, and two brands that The private sector can supply itself, including Moderna and Sino Farm, with the GPO contacted Moderna to import the vaccine in June. But there has been a response that Can’t do it and make it as quickly as possible is the beginning of 2022 and has informed that the purchase of the vaccine of Moderna vaccine Must be purchased through government agencies only. Therefore, it has been coordinated all the time. Recently, there has been a coordinated procurement of vaccines in the fourth quarter, where the purchasing budget is a private budget. the reason why The GPO didn’t sign a contract with that vaccine company. Because they have to wait for private hospitals to collect money to buy them first. as a guarantee for companies that produce vaccines for other vaccines It is following the progress all the time. At the same time, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization has been experimenting with Thai vaccines. which in the first phase is quite possible

For increasing the injection rate to 3 injections because the virus has mutated. and vaccines that are currently in use result in reduced response to disease. And the Pharmaceutical Organization has been closely monitored. Almost every company that produces vaccines Almost every vaccination company is trying to adjust the vaccine. according to the changing virus It is expected that next year may be stimulated by adding a 3 needle, which the Pharmaceutical Organization is researching whether the 3 needle can use different types of vaccines or not. Ready to confirm that the Pharmaceutical Organization never stops to follow up in every matter.

Prof. confirms Thai public health system also use good in every aspect It is working to expand beds, prepare ICUs and mobilize more medical personnel, saying it still needs to be treated at home.

Dr. Somsak Ankasil, Director-General of the Medical Department Discussing the expansion of beds for COVID-19 patients that Bangkok is now And the perimeter has expanded the bed more than expected. It will also need to prepare an additional ICU bed. In addition to the beds and medical personnel, newly graduated doctors have been given to assist in the care of patients during this period. In addition, measures are being developed. to allow asymptomatic or less symptomatic patients to take care of themselves at home; or Home Isolation or community Isolation to provide a specific area for patients to live in a limited area. There is a monitoring process between the hospital and the patient. which this concept not available to everyone Because there must be a separate room for the patient. However, the situation is quite tight. Sometimes patients come to the emergency room not with COVID. But when screening, it was found that It’s quite a lot of covids. And also found pregnant women who are quite infected. by that concept It has been tried and tested. But if it is actually used, it must be coordinated with relevant agencies. Therefore, the success factor in controlling and eliminating COVID-19 is Government policies must be clear. people cooperate good disease control system Strong healthcare systems and comprehensive vaccination, therefore, governments must review policies That comes out that it’s good enough for a situation like this or not. and must communicate truthfully and transparently. Because if not protected, it may be necessary to wear a mask even at home.

As for the lack of a bed to receive patients will be Is the health system collapse of the Ministry of Health? At the moment, it can be considered that the Thai public health system is still working well in all aspects. But will we be able to take part in maintaining the Thai public health system if we can do those 5 important factors? The Thai public health system will not fail.



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