Professional League 2022: the table of positions, averages and the classification for the cups

The Professional League is on fire, with the promise of a changing definition until the end. The first division championship once again had movement in the upper part, and Gymnastics and Fencing It is the one that finished the nineteenth date at the top of the positions and will now play on Tuesday against Central Córdoba. But date 20 began to change positions and fight for the title promises wholesale emotions in the seven dates that remain until the end of the season. Waiting for what happens with Boca and Huracán this Monday, Sunday began with Tigre’s victory against Vélez by 2-0 and continued with the classic at the New Gasometer, where River beat San Lorenzo 1-0 with a goal from Emanuel Mammana. With this result, the Millionaire was four units behind the Wolf, although with one more game.

River needed to return to victory, since it came from two consecutive defeats against Boca, in the superclásico, and Banfield, in the Monumental, where it fell 2-1 and exposed the defensive shortcomings of the red band team. San Lorenzo also needed a positive result since, although they are having an acceptable campaign with Ruben Insua, they were coming off four consecutive draws. In the New Gasometer he won 1-0 with a right hand from Emanuel Mammana. El Millonario finished with ten footballers due to the expulsion of Marcelo Herrera and towards the end they canceled a goal by Nicolás Blandi for off-side.

With a goal from Maximiliano Romero 14 minutes into the second half, Racing beat Platense as a visitor 1-0 and climbed positions, remaining two points behind the Gimnasia leader. The Academy ended the game with ten players due to the expulsion of left back Eugenio Mena. At the end of the match, a surprise: goalkeeper Gabriel Arias was also expelled for making obscene gestures to the Calamar fans.

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With the presence of Néstor Gorosito, Gymnastics DT, in the audience, Tigre beat Fortin 2-0, for the goals of Blas Armoa and Facundo Colidio. The difference could even have been greater, since a free kick by Alexis Castro hit the crossbar and Vélez finished with ten players due to the expulsion of Emanuel Insúa, 9 minutes into the second half due to a double warning. Alexander MedinaDespite Fortín’s very bad campaign in the Professional League, he said he has the strength to continue.

Barracas Central beat Godoy Cruz 3-1, at the Claudio Chiqui Tapia stadium. The outstanding fact was that the Guapo confirmed that he is strong in his stadium since he won all four games who has played since his return, after having performed at home on the fields of Huracán, Arsenal and All Boys. The figure of the match was once again left-handed Fernando Valenzuela, as in recent matches, since from his movements and shots came the best actions of Rodolfo De Paoli’s team.

Sarmiento’s victory in Rosario

Sarmiento struck in Rosario and beat Newell’s 1-0 on Saturday, in a match on date 20 of the Argentine Professional League. The only goal of the match was made by Yair Arismendi, from a free kick. The curious thing about the action was that the infraction sanctioned on Lisandro López by judge Pablo Dóvalo in the medialuna of the area did not exist.

This is the standings

The results of the 20th date

the way to the cups

The fight for permanence

This is how the next date will be played

Classification for the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana

Argentina has six places for the Copa Libertadores in 2023. Boca obtained the first ticket by winning the Professional League Cup. The champion of the current League will access directly. The same will be achieved by the Argentine Cup. The remaining places will go to the top three clubs in the annual general table, which includes the points obtained in the group stage of the LPF Cup (13 games) and the League (total: 40 games). The third of those teams will go to the Libertadores playoff.

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Meanwhile, the South American 2023 will play another six teams, which will emerge from the general table and will be the ones located after those classified for the Copa Libertadores. If a club already classified by another instance is repeated, the place will go to the next in that table.