Professional license, the good complement to a BTS in the field of water?

Is it possible to boost your BTS “Water” with an additional (and useful) diploma without committing too much to the long term? Yes, through pro licenses that respect the initial professional project of becoming a senior technician.

Professional licenses for water professions are professional training. “They very quickly put the students in the situation and make it possible to establish repeated contacts with professionals.“, indicates Emmanuel Joussein – professor of environmental geosciences at the Faculty of Sciences of Limoges -, interview on the Carrefour des Gestions Locales de l’Eau. “In our programs, professionals represent 30 to 40% of interventions with learners.“, emphasizes the professor.

Training in 1 year to set foot on the stirrup

Small and large water cycle are affected by the offer of 3 professional licenses from the Faculty of Limoges: Water treatment (TE), Maintenance of water plants and networks (MURE), Diagnosis and development of water resources (DARE).

At the national level, the offer of professional licenses is rather rich within the universities / IUT, with other possible specialties: Management and optimization of water treatment systems (GOSTE), Waste treatment and recovery processes (PTVR), Sanitation and Water Treatment Systems Engineering (GASTE)…

Build a convincing senior technician profile

With this type of training, students consolidate their senior technician profile both technically and scientifically, without taking the risk of “run“after an engineering degree.

Sometimes difficult to obtain, an engineering degree is not always an asset on the job market, which is in great demand for good senior technicians. On the other hand, the professional license opens doors in terms of first employment and professional development, including to resume engineering studies later.

In initial training or continuing education

Limoges, we have decided to form small promotions of 15 students per course, mainly holders of scientific-sounding BTS: Water professions, Water management and control (Gemeau), Nature management and protection (GPN ).“, specifies Emmanuel Joussein. “The learning conditions there are excellent, in particular thanks to access to the life-size educational platform at La Souterraine (23), in partnership with the International Office for Water.

Professional licenses from the Limoges Faculty of Sciences can be taken as initial training, work-study, but also as continuing education and validation of acquired experience (VAE). The employment rate at the end of this training is very good, whether in business or in communities.

Article published on February 13, 2023

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