Professional orientation for upper secondary school

The project learning center OstKurvenSaal is the attempt to introduce young people and young adults to political education, which traditional offers are not or only inadequately achieved. All offers aim to support young people in building solid social and life skills.

The idea is to use the fan rooms of the Bremen Fan Project within the Weser Stadium for political education. With the support of the DFL Foundation, the Werder Bremen Foundation, the AOK Bremen / Bremerhaven and in cooperation with Werder Bremen, the OstKurvenSaal can be made available for extracurricular educational work.

Due to the pandemic, we have also been offering some workshop topics in a digital format since January 2021. These are explained in more detail in the following section.

Our digital workshop offers

The digital workshops last between 75 and 120 minutes, depending on the topic and age group. The prerequisite for participation is your own tablet or laptop, as well as headphones (especially if several students are in the same room). Our offers can be carried out either through Zoom or WebEx.

Topic selection

  1. Teaching unit “expulsion” on the topic of “manifestations of group-related enmity in football”

The offer works with sample images from European football stadiums that show different facets of group-related enmity (racism, sexism, devaluation of asylum seekers, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc.). In addition, the difference between hooligans and ultras is made clear. Another focus is on educating people about recruitment attempts by the extreme right through youth-related topics such as music, clothing or social networks.

  1. Lesson unit “Que (e) rpass” on the topic of “Sexual diversity and gender”

Football is a place where people of different genders and sexual orientations meet. But why is there apparently no active homosexual professional footballer? As in society, there is also discrimination in terms of gender and sexuality in football. This workshop explicitly shows the forms of discrimination homophobia, sexism and trans-hostility. In addition, different sexual orientations are named and defined and socially constructed two-gender stereotypes are discussed.

  1. Lesson “I don’t just kick footballs!” On the topic of “violence prevention”

Prevention workshop on violence. In the workshop, the participants’ different understandings of violence will be discussed. The young people are shown what forms of violence there are (physical, psychological, structural). They are confronted with various statements and situations and have to analyze them for their violence content. Furthermore, it should be discussed what a trigger for acts of violence can be. Depending on the time available, the subject of violence and language can also be addressed in a more targeted manner by showing the young people their own limits or the limits of their fellow human beings, where fun becomes serious. Here, too, a reference to the stadium / football area is made that can be transferred to the everyday life of young people.

  1. Teaching unit on the topic of “Anti-Semitism in the professional sport of football” (recommended as an advanced module on “expulsion”)

Football, on the one hand as a place where social processes are negotiated and on the other hand, capitalist exploitation mechanisms occur, offers a suitable framework to devote oneself to the topic of anti-Semitism. The content should be based on new concepts for educational work against anti-Semitism. The focus should be on anti-Semitism as a negative central idea of ​​modernity (cf. Salzborn 2010). In concrete terms, this means that there is no focus on anti-Semitism in the form of criminal offenses, insults, etc., but rather the principles should be worked on, i.e. hostility to modernity, contradictions, defense against guilt and the projective character.

additional Information

Dates for our online workshops can be requested individually (preferably by 1 p.m.)! You can then register directly via the portal of the Bildungszentrum der Wirtschaft im Unterwesergebiet eV. There are no costs for this.

Contact for further questions

Gesa Mann, project coordinator for the learning center OstKurvenSaal

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: 0421/498024 (Mo-Fr 9.30-14.30 Uhr)


Seminar duration / scope: Online-Workshops

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Place of execution: Online management

Date options 2021: Dates for our online workshops can be requested individually (preferably by 1 p.m.)

additional Information: You can then register directly via the portal of the Bildungszentrum der Wirtschaft im Unterwesergebiet eV. There are no costs for this.

Information and registration at bogyo @ bwu-bremen