how informs Newsnn, in the company high financial result is explained by the growth of income from investments. They amounted to 11.4 billion rubles, while in the same period last year amounted to nine billion. First of all, it concerns the sale of shares in nanotechnological enterprises formed with the support of “Rosnano”.

At the same time, representatives “Rosnano” argued that Russian financial reporting standards do not reflect the results of the company as an investment fund, since they do not reflect the dynamics of the fair value of the asset portfolio. In this regard, as the executive director of the Criminal Code said “Rosnano” Boris Podolsky, the company’s management reporting system uses International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

In the Business FM commentary, Podolsky explained that the interim calculations based on the results of three quarters of this year suggest that the growth in the fair value of the Rosnano portfolio amounted to 11 billion rubles. He also added that, according to internal calculations based on the principles of IFRS. For the first half of 2018, this figure increased by 1.5 billion rubles. And the determining factor here, according to Podolsky, was the growth of the fair value of the portfolio. Namely, the evaluation of such companies as Hevel (the leader in Russia in the production of solar panels) and Oksial (supplies single-walled carbon nanotubes) has increased.

Recall the last year the company “Rosnano” first paid dividends to the state. Their size amounted to 537 million rubles or 50% of net profit under the Russian Accounting Standard (RAS). The company began to work with a profit in 2014.


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