Profits skyrocket, 2022 BRI shareholders can be full of dividends

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The performance of the banking sector shone brilliantly last year and has become a highly sought-after issuer in the capital market, particularly the banking sector. Several large banks recorded a compact record of brilliant performance in 2021, as economic conditions recovered after the COVID-19 pandemic, for example PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI).

The bank led by Sunarso was able to book a net profit of 2021 reaching Rp 32.22 trillion, or growing 75.53% year-on-year (yoy). The positive result could not be separated from the growth in interest income to Rp 143.52 trillion. Meanwhile, the ratio of non-performing loans or non performing loan (NPL) fell from 0.80% to 0.70%.

This result made investors fond of buying up BBRI shares on the stock market and had catapulted BBRI’s share price to a record high of Rp 4,940. This level is the highest in its history aka all time high (ATH).

On the other hand, BBRI issuers are also diligent in distributing dividends every year. For the 2021 performance, BBRI’s dividend is recorded at Rp. 174, 25. So it’s not surprising that investors are hunting for BBRI shares to get dividends.

Then what about 2022? This year is still a mystery, along with the high negative sentiment that emerged from abroad, ranging from the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the increase in the feed interest rate.

But interestingly, the CEO of BRI Group, Sunarso, is optimistic that this year the bank he leads will again gain positive performance, even far exceeding the achievement of 2021.

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Not without reason, thanks to the transformation carried out, BRI until the first quarter of 2022 recorded a consolidated net profit of Rp 12.22 trillion or grew by 78.13% year on year. Meanwhile, recorded assets reached Rp 1,650.28 trillion or grew 8.99% yoy.

Sunarso even projects the company’s profit to reach Rp 45 trillion in 2022. If the acquisition is realized, it will be the biggest achievement in the history of national bank profits.

“Now in the first quarter of Rp 12.2 trillion. We may (2222 profit) Rp 40 trillion. If it goes up, at most Rp 45 trillion,” he said.

If this is achieved, it is not impossible, BBRI investors will be “full” of dividends for the performance of the 2022 financial year. Based on CNBC Indonesia’s records, in the last three years, during the leadership period of Sunarso, dividend pay out ratio BBRI is always above 50%. Even in 2020, when the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic really affects the performance of the national banking system, dividend payout ratio BBRI is still high, at 65%.

Sunarso revealed that his party had prepared four main strategies to continue the positive achievements until the end of 2022.

First, selective growthwhere BRI focuses on sectors that have high potential, with minimum exposure to external shocks, namely the agricultural sector, chemical industry, and food and beverage.

In addition, BRI will continue its business follow stimulus strategy by focusing on growth based on government stimulus to help strengthen domestic economic growth.

Furthermore, BRI will focus on quality, be selective in determining the feasibility of restructuring customers by taking into account the customer’s business conditions and potential, as well as implementing soft landing strategy by establishing sufficient reserves to anticipate the deterioration of the credit quality of restructuring customers.

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To maintain profitability, BRI focuses on high-yield loans, namely the micro and micro segment consumer loan and increase efficiency through increased low-cost funds (CASA). In the face of the trend of rising interest rates, BRI continues to gradually increase CASA from 63% in the first quarter of 2021 to 66% in the first quarter of 2022, including through wholesale transactionBRI digital saving penetration, and hyperlocal ecosystem in the micro segment.

“With the application of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), the BRI Group will continue to work in the MSME area, especially micro and then in efficient ways, and the value created must return to the micro and it will become a snowball that is getting bigger and bigger. value creation,” concluded Sunarso.

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