Home Business Project On Dijon: "a management disconnected from realities?", Asks Agir for Dijon

Project On Dijon: "a management disconnected from realities?", Asks Agir for Dijon

In a press release, Emmnauel Bichot, president of the municipal group Agir for Dijon, wished to react on Thursday.

"OnDijon project: a management disconnected from realities?"

"The inauguration of the pilot center of the project" OnDijon "of so-called smart metropolis is scheduled for Thursday, April 11 afternoon.

This project, although interesting in some aspects, represents a very high cost of more than 105 M €, which already raises many questions.

– Will the simultaneous replacement of all existing public facilities (surveillance cameras, pedestrian zone markers, light points, traffic lights) be a source of waste, like the purchase of hybrid buses in 2012 (loss of € 6.5 million on the resale of existing buses)?

– What is the relevance of such a heavy technical choice, the deployment of which will take twelve years, while technologies evolve at an accelerated speed?

– How to finance these expenses without affecting the purchasing power of the Dijonnais, already severely tested, or degrade the services of the daily? Are the dark cuts in the roads budget sustainable for several years?

– Why this lack of transparency around the contract? No consultation was organized upstream with the population to identify the needs and expectations of citizens. The contract was signed in February 2018, without having been approved beforehand by the deliberative assemblies that are the Dion City Council and the Metropolitan Council. The mayor of Dijon has refused to communicate it since.

– What guarantees will be provided to residents regarding the protection of their personal data?

– What concrete improvements to expect in the daily life of Dijonnais? Nothing tangible is apparent for the moment from the explanations given.

The height for this project of "connected management" would be to become the symbol of a management disconnected from the realities lived by the Dijonnais.


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