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Project sends those who refuse vaccine in Rio Preto to the end of the line

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Councilor Paulo Pauléra (PP) presented this Monday, 19, a bill that plays to the end of the line for vaccination against Covid-19, the person who gives up vaccinating due to the brand of immunizing agent. Under the proposal, this group will have to wait for the end of the immunization process of the entire adult population of the city to have access again to the dose of protection against the disease. Under the proposal, only pregnant and postpartum women, women who had a baby recently, with or without comorbidities, and people with chronic diseases, with medical recommendation would be out of the rule – in the latter case, the report must be retained by the vaccination team. The proposal needs to be processed by the House committees, before going to plenary for voting.

The project reproduces laws implemented by other city halls in the state, such as the Municipality of São Bernardo do Campo. The proposed text establishes “change in the vaccination protocol in the city of São José do Rio Preto for those who refuse to take the vaccine against Covid-19 due solely to the brand of the immunizing agent”. Pauléra’s proposal also provides for “punishment” for all users registered on the waiting list to receive remaining doses. “Anyone who is removed from the vaccination schedule due to refusal of the immunizing agent will be included again in the schedule after the end of the vaccination of the other groups”, says the text.

In justification of the proposal, the councilor says that the choice of the brand of immunizing agent has been criticized by experts for disrupting the logistics and strategy of immunization of the population. “All the immunizing agents used in Brazil were approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and had their efficacy and safety proven in a series of tests”, reinforces the text.

The councilor also states, in the project, that the vaccination process has a collective and not an individual objective. “Vaccination campaigns are carried out, mainly, from the point of view of public health. Therefore, the main reason why experts do not recommend that people refuse the available immunizations is collective protection”, he says.

The proposal reminds that to achieve an ideal immunization to reduce the circulation of the virus it is necessary to vaccinate the entire population. “When there is a large number of vaccinated people, the difference in effectiveness is undone, as there is less circulation of the virus. Still, regardless of the difference in effectiveness between the immunizing agents, all those approved by Anvisa prevent serious cases and deaths equally.”

In the Diary, Pauléra asked for awareness. “When you get vaccinated, in addition to being immunized, you are preserving the other. A matter of social responsibility. We cannot admit it. We live in a democracy, but you don’t have the right to catch the disease and pass it on to someone else,” he says. “The idea is not to punish, but to awaken citizenship”, he completes.

‘In the future it will be a vaccine’

“There will be a vaccine, already produced in Brazil. And you won’t be able to choose”, he says. Baitello says that choosing the brand of the immunizing agent is an individual and collective risk. “It is a very big mistake because they are not being immunized. A very unaltruistic attitude”, he says. The doctor mentioned the immunization of employees at the Hospital de Base, vaccinated with Coronovac. “Before the vaccine we had five deaths, after the vaccine we had no more”. (FP)


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