Projection calls Bolsonaro “shame” before UN General Assembly

Images were projected on the United Nations building hours before the opening of the event.

Photo: Manuela Lourenço/Disclosure

A projection with the president’s face Jair Bolsonaro (PL) drew attention at the United Nations building in the early hours of Tuesday, 20, moments before the opening of the 77th UN General Assembly.

In the image, Bolsonaro appears next to the expression “Brazilian shame”, Brazilian shame, in English translation.

The art, projected on the side of the United Nations building in New York (USA), is an action of the US Network for Democracy in Brazil, a network that brings together several NGOs, academics and representatives of civil society.

In addition to calling the president a “Brazilian shame”, the projection also featured other arts in which the president of Brazil is associated with the words “liar” and “disgrace”. In addition to Portuguese, some expressions were also translated into English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Coming from the United Kingdom, where he was for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, Bolsonaro arrived in the United States on Monday night, 19, to open the General Assembly, as tradition dictates.

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