Promote Psychology to address emotional well-being

Currently, it is essential to promote the practice of Psychology to address growing psychopathologies, as well as promote the emotional well-being of the population and close the Mental Health care gap in the country, said the technical secretary of the National Mental Health Council ( STConsame), Diana Iris Tejadilla Orozco.

It is estimated that this is the work of the 357,044 psychology professionals in Mexico, of which 70.4 percent are women and 29.6 percent are men, according to data from the Observatory of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS). ).

Substance Use Training

Tejadilla Orozco reported that throughout the country, health professionals, including psychologists, have received training in substance use care, suicidal behavior management, telementoring, and community activities.

He stressed that they are an essential part of the restructuring of the Mental Health system in the country coordinated by the Psychiatric Care Services (SAP), the STConsame and the National Commission against Addictions (Conadic), with a focus on human rights and equity.

Promote neurosciences and specialties

The participation of psychologists in its different branches such as neurosciences, and social, educational, clinical, experimental, physiological, technological, and labor specialties, among others, have contributed to the study, development, and maintenance of the emotional and mental well-being of the population.

On the occasion of the National Day of Psychologists, he indicated that these professionals are part of the Emotional Support Groups of the Ministry of Health to support the population during natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and landslides.

Strengthen Life Line

The Ministry of Health has the Life Line available through the telephone number 800 911 2000, where specialized personnel attend to any emotional crisis and guide users on the services available to those who require them.

In Mexico, the National Day of Psychologists is commemorated on May 20, with the purpose of recognizing their work and informing society of all the services they can provide to the community. The commemoration was established by the National Federation of Colleges, Societies and Associations of Psychologists of Mexico.

Among its central activities is promoting Mental Health with psychosocial interventions, teaching and research, as well as the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

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