Promoted Kirchweyhe is a fixture in the Bundesliga

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Created: 2/7/2023 1:42 p.m

Von: Gerd Tobelmann


Kirchweyhe’s Robert Zelcic (left) sat on the board for more than seven hours for his draw against Dresden. © orantek

Newly promoted SKK Kirchweyhe continues to cause a stir in the Bundesliga and scored 3-1 points in the double match day in Dresden.

Dresden – Bundesliga chess club SK Kirchweyhe continues to cause a sensation. The promoted team played first against SF Berlin and then against hosts Dresden in Dresden and scored 3-1 points. “That’s a sight to behold. As a result, we are now in a secure midfield,” said SKK boss Peter Orantek.

SF Berlin – SK Kirchweyhe 2,5:5,5: The last two boards were decided first. On board eight, Robert Zelcic’s young opponent tried a very passive Indian opening and was soon overwhelmed by an offensive attack. Mladen Palac played an active opening on board seven, against which the Berliner happily defended himself with a draw. On board four, Hrvoje Stevic set off fireworks on the white king with an exchange sacrifice with his minor pieces against the Ponziani opening. The opponent took the poisoned rook and was surprised that he was suddenly mate by two queens.

Shortly after the time control, Velimir Ivic won on board one by winning a pawn with mate attack. Ante Brkic won an exchange in the middle game followed by a mate attack. Kirchweyhe easily led 4.5:0.5. After that, Aexandar Kovacevic and Zoran Jovanovic drew, while Robert Markus lost his game.

SK Kirchweyhe – USV Dresden 4:4: The game against the hosts took place on Sunday. For the first time this season, Dresden played with their best eight players. After only two hours on board one Velimir Ivic his opponent agreed on a draw after only 24 moves. Just as quickly, Hrvoje Stevic agreed to a draw. When Mladen Palac and Robert Markus made it 2-2 with a fairly quick draw, the big calculations began on the remaining four boards.

After five hours of play each, Ante Brkic and Zoran Jovanovic agreed on a draw at the score of 3:3. Alexandar Kovacevic had reached a winning position in the sixth hour but failed to find the winning combination and only scored half a point. Robert Zelcic on board eight finally missed out on Kirchweyher’s overall victory. After six hours and 60 moves, the French game entered the seventh hour. Both opponents had a rook with an opposite-colored bishop and four pawns. The seventh hour is played in blitz chess with 30 seconds per move. In the end, Kirchweyher also got a draw.